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  1. My understanding is Grosjean is running a full schedule and Johnson will run road/street courses, but no ovals, TK is going to run those in his place. But as mentioned, things change and I could be wrong... Either way, I'm glad to see racing is back after a long offseason
  2. We would use them when working on demolition derby cars. Funny; there never seemed to be a shortage of them...
  3. Beer Caps work in a pinch too!
  4. Boy that was close! Herta calling for Marco seems to have helped him - Can't wait for next Sunday.
  5. X2 What he said!!! How does it affect the drivers getting in and out of the car? Like the bumper-ettes on the DW12, I guess we will get used to it.
  6. Happy Belated SuperTex. Go giver Miller Hell! haha.
  7. Is the Swiss Inn going to reopen? when I drove by a month ago, it looked like someone was working on it. Love the Bon Echo Loop!
  8. Great Clip! Love those sequential gear boxes and how he is banging off those shifts. The cars just don't sound like that anymore. Thanks for sharing.
  9. I have a pair of 5.7's with Spindles and carbides. Black Loops. Came off a 2012 X package - Upgraded to Split Rails at the time so very few miles. They are boxed up and put away, but I can get them down and take pics if anyone is interested.
  10. He will run #7. Schmidt Peterson keeping the #6 reserved for Wicken's return. Hinch of course in the #5 Car.
  11. Similar instances at a couple of Ottawa area Ultramar Stations (Prescott, ON & Vars, ON) Diesel came out of the Regular pump. The company came good for those impacted.....according to the news. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/gas-diesel-fuel-ultramar-vars-1.4500946
  12. No Worries! I'm sure you will find a pair in that area. Cheers,
  13. I have a set with spindles (Switched to Split Rails) from my 2012 Single carbide and black loops. They are used, but don't have many miles on them. I can dig out the box and take some pics if interested....
  14. ONTMXZ

    Shock Rebuild

    Thanks guys for the suggestions!
  15. ONTMXZ

    Shock Rebuild

    Does anyone have any good recommendations for a shock rebuilder in Ontario? Looking to freshen up all four shocks on my Ski-Dog X Package. If I do the back shocks, I figure the fronts should be done at the same time? Thanks,
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