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  1. Gym looks her in the face frequently while she's doing laundry, dishes or tending to the children. Gym looks her squarely in the eye and informs her he's going to ride wheelies and spray roost, then spray more roost on her belly when he gets home. Gym wears the pants in the family.
  2. Gym wonders why these snowmobiles have roost defying snow flaps. Gym doesn't get the point of all the jumping up and down. Gym would appreciate more wheelies.
  3. Gym owns that VHS tape. Gym has tried defecating in a wall mounted urinal. Gym won't be attempting that again.
  4. Gym's old lady has a huge mole on the back of her neck he's tired of seeing. Gym is disgusted by it but doesn't want to hurt her feelings. Gym is going to slice it off some night when she's sleeping.
  5. Gym doubts it's required to ride WFO on an underpowered ass dragger. Gym bets Jim might enjoy spraying roost and ripping wheelies. Gym has pity for you.
  6. Gym didn't say it was stolen. Wheelies are important to Gym. Gym likes being the big dog. Gym enjoys doing fun things with fun people. Gym highly doubts you are a fun person.
  7. Gym is contemplating purchasing an all-terrain vehicle for the first time. Gym plans to utilize it to groom his gravel driveway with liberated buckets of borrowed materials using an old, weighted box spring and drag his garbage dumpsters out on Tuesday night. Gym also wonders about ripping wheelies and possibly spraying mud on occasion. Gym is open to suggestions.
  8. Gym doesn't want to sound rude but Gym's 9R would spray roost atop any Kawasaki snowmobile ever made. Gym once saw a Kawasaki attempt a wheelie. Gym chuckled silently in his helmet. Gym is having kartoffelpuffer smothered in thick applesauce for dinner tonight. Gym doubts he'll be up past eight thirty-seven to stare at the night sky. Gym once teleported to another dimension. Gym doesn't like to talk about the anal probing.
  9. Gym would invite your short bus to ride around the wonderful roads and bridges of Norman County. Gym will wave at you.
  10. Gym could care less about the seat. Gym stands to rip wheelies and spray roost all winter. Gym will laugh at eight fifties on his 9R.
  11. Gym is on the red team. Gym's 9R is coming in black and blue with red accents. Gym is confident this sled will make the competition black and blue.
  12. Gym is beginning to believe this first post was sarcasm. Gym doesn't get sarcasm.
  13. Gym would appreciate not being dragged into this situation. Gym is here for all the free technical information.
  14. Gym begs to differ. Gym is pretty certain they need therapy.
  15. Gym would have gotten one with bigger engine to do wheelies. Gym also doubts you'll spray roost.
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