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  1. Gym's dealer has all of his exploding fuel tank recall parts ready. Gym hasn't received a telegram or letter in the mail yet to let him know when his 9R will arrive from Polaris. Gym stopped at the general store yesterday and there was gossip about the brakes. Gym doesn't need brakes to rip wheelies and spray roost.
  2. Gym was wondering about this AK feller. Gym figured he was some sort of athlete or maybe knew a thing or two. Gym is going back to reading technical articles and recall information about Polaris snowmobiles as there is nothing new or relevant in this thread. Gym just got done spreading more gravel on the driveway.
  3. Gym was expecting to see people ripping wheelies and spraying roost. Gym thinks that young feller is a little self-absorbed. Gym is extremely disappointed in the thread content. Gym would like a refund.
  4. Gym isn't certain what's so funny. Gym hasn't been here for a while. Gym's Commodore 64 was on the fritz again. Gym had to get a transistor from Uzbekistan. Gym starts with a G.
  5. Gym is going to make some wrist straps to hang onto his 9R due to the arm ripping power. Gym wonders if anyone here has a suggestion. Gym appreciates your help in advance.
  6. Gym is just catching up here. Gym will be riding a 10R by 2025 Gym appreciates your brand loyalty. Gym's brand is the best because that's what Gym owns. Gym had a Trans Am in high school. Gym has recently learned there's a whole new meaning to Trans these days. Gym was grossed out. Gym wonders if he knows this Jimmie feller. Gym had to look up sarcasm. Gym only uses sarcasm when his boss asks where he's going with a bucket of gravel. Gym has him pretty well fooled.
  7. Gym see's his friend @ZR6000RR from HCS is reading this thread. Gym is befuddled about his absence here but is happy to see him snooping around. Gym finds turbo chargers silly. Gym's 9R will be roosting and spraying them as their detonation lights are flickering and their owners begin using foul language. Gym never uses foul language. Gym's mom used a lot of lava soap in his mouth as a child.
  8. Gym's Commodore 64 altered him of your inquiry. Gym never leaves Norman County or the MN speed limited trails. Gym doesn't see any Skidoo's in Norman County. Gym only see's people riding Polaris snowmobiles. Gym doubts these fellers would enjoy Gym wheelieing and roosting all over their oddly colored machines.
  9. Gym needs to edit his post. Gym is sorry for using profanity to convey his anger. Gym will do penance for his foul language. Gym hates the whip. Gym's wife will oblige.
  10. Gym is unfamiliar with these so called they people. Gym buys products backed by real world testing in racing instead of fancy logo emblazoned hats and decals from sources he trusts. Gym found the Werx website on the internet on his Commodore 64. Gym can't find this northstar feller's products being talked about anywhere but hardcoresledder.com. Gym likes the internet.
  11. Gym is confused. Gym is only allowed to post on freedomsledder.com now. Gym has limited internet availability. Gym is working on new culverts.
  12. Gym insured his sled for one kidney. Gym only needs one kidney to survive. Gym has read a lot of stories of waking up in a bathtub full of ice. Gym is prepared.
  13. Gym has an information grapevine. Gym's new sled is built and waiting for the new components before it leaves Rosseau MN. Gym has been to Rosseau. Gym found a local place that serves fantastic soup while you get a foot massage. Gym is going to be patient.
  14. Gym had to take a few weeks off from the internet. Gym had the most hurt feelings he's had since the Commodore 64 came out. Gym decided to pull up his bootstraps and continue to interact with HCS light here on freedomsledder.com where there seems to be real freedom. Gym was gutted about the spam accusation. Gym heard back from the HCS person in charge. Gym would like to shit in his helmet.
  15. Gym heard Speedwerx has a kit out for the 850 Boost. Gym wonders if this Werx company will dethrone the Facebook King of clutch kits. Gym is happy with stock settings. Gym's 9R will rip wheelies and spray roost with factory clutching or this new exciting Werx clutching.
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