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  1. Gym feels bad for this Polaris feller. Gym understands. Gym isn't a fan of dogs either.
  2. Gym is sad. Gym is having a very bad winter. Gym hasn't been ripping wheelies or spraying roost. Gym has cabin fever. Gym is considering selling his 9R and getting an ATV. Gym wonders which Polaris ATV is the best for ripping wheelies and spraying roost. Gym is interested in those paddle type tires for ripping up the ditches in Norman County. Gym has found himself lashing out at people for no reason. Gym is on his eighth Meister Brau at the moment. Gym needs to go now. Gym enjoys chatting with the Jehovah Witnesses who pop in to visit on occasion.
  3. Gym has never heard of this internet Jesus before. Gym doesn't appreciate you using Jesus's name in vain. Gym believes that poor man has suffered enough. Gym has seen @Jesus post on here. Gym has a lot of respect for that guy.
  4. Gym is contemplating hosting the Norman County wheelie ripping and roost spraying competition next winter. Gym finds accelerating from a dead stop to one thousand feet on grass and slush preposterous. Gym plans to talk to the local inferior brand dealers to see if they can assist in facilitating such an event. Gym's dealer is already on board. Gym has the best dealer.
  5. Gym is concerned how you revel in the sadness of others. Gym isn't a feeling hurter. Gym has a distinct suspicion you've led an unsatisfying life. Gym still wishes you a Merry Christmas.
  6. Gym is watching Die Hard on Paramount right now. Gym yells YIPPEE KI YAY while spraying roost and ripping wheelies. Gym loves Christmas movies.
  7. Gym recognizes that gravel. Gym got a new belt from the best dealer in Minnesota. Gym ported his track over the summer. Gym would never put screws in his track. Gym loves spinning his track and blowing snow out of every corner on the trail when Gym isn't ripping that sweet Pow outside the orange markers ripping wheelies. Gym wonders why so many people here on not HCS are constantly fixing old junk. Gym tries not to be judgmental. Gym should go now.
  8. Gym appreciates brand loyalty more than anyone here. Gym would rather let crows pick at his eyeballs than be seen on one. Gym means no offense to those that do though. Gym is learning sarcasm here.
  9. Gym doesn't understand why you posted a picture of his uncle Hector. Gym has only met him a few times at family functions. Gym hated wearing that sombrero. Gym would appreciate it if you left him alone. Gym doesn't want any enemies here.
  10. Gym appreciates whatever it is that Airplane man posted. Gym won't click on it because Gym got a flu on his Commodore 64 the last time he did that. Gym spent a lot of time at his bank from that episode.
  11. Gym is curious why this Stinker fellow needs to edit so many of his poasts. Gym is concerned Stinker might have a learning disorder or possibly some severe head trauma. Gym would be willing to go to Western Union and send money to help him. Gym can be quite generous when Gym sees people with obvious problems. Gym wants to help out his fellow Polaris owner.
  12. Gym laughs his hinder off about these unicycle skids. Gym wonders if Artic Cat is trying to make them easy to tip over. Gym has read about Skeedo's being easy to tip over here. Gym isn't the betting type but Gym is positive he could tip one of these over if he stared at it hard enough. Gym doesn't find this to be an attractive snowmocheen. Gym doesn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings who bought one of these heinous looking squinty eyed catastrophes. Gym feels it's important to be honest and transparent at times.
  13. Gym isn't buying any of this nonsense. Gym has jars of bear fat on his kitchen window sill that he uses to forecast wheelie ripping and roost spraying opportunities. Gym doesn't believe anything he reads on the internet. Gym learned a hard lesson years ago when he tried helping what seemed like a nice family from Nigeria.
  14. Gym had been having a lot of issues with his Commodore 64 so Gym picked up a used Eye Pad at Straw Days but is giddy to be back on the internets again. Gym knows you're relieved to know he'll be around here again this winter spreading his joy. Gym still can't believe Arctic Cat went with a small displacement big bore. Gym is psyched to start ripping wheelies and spraying roost in a couple months. Gym has 42cc more than this eight five eight no one here has even ridden so Gym is still the big dog here. Gym apologizes for his lengthy post.
  15. Gym was able to get his Commodore 64 fired up. Gym was excited to see if there were any leaks before the event at Straw Days. Gym is still the Big Dog on the block with Polaris 9R power. Gym will be ripping wheelies and spraying roost upon these pitiful subpar 850 category riders. Gym was hopeful. Now Gym just has pity for them.
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