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  1. Best I heard was a TO radio station DJ reporting in late Jan how covid cases were high and rising but reported cases of the regular flu had dropped dramatically compared to previous years. WTF? How many of those reported cases of terrifying covid were actually false positives that were really just the flu that we get EVERY YEAR BETWEEN DECEMBER AND MARCH? My mother is a registered nurse, my daughter is a paramedic, my other daughter is in training to be a trauma technician in Canadian military, and they were all rolling their eyes and asking how stupid that announcer was. Figured he must have
  2. Title explains it. Looking for the expansion chamber / tuned pipe for a 2003 Edge 600
  3. I live in area which have large mennonite and amish communities where it is common for up to 4 generations to live in same house, congregate for every little thing in their lives, and do not participate anymore than necessary in our healthcare system. During first big lockdown and hysteria, they were terrified because of their lifestyle and what they were picking up through english media. After a while they noticed something covid fear mongers will not believe. They had no more people dying, or becoming seriously sick, or even moderately sick than before the big pandemic announcement. For rema
  4. A lot better than the last few years here in D9. Started riding 2nd week in Jan and took last ride (274mi) last Sunday the 7th. Could have went Monday, but work!! Never rode at night or weekdays because shop I own repairs snowmobiles. With every snowmobile hiding in a barn, out behind outhouse, or in Kijiji hitting the snow, I worked most nights from early December to this week (still have 3 in shop waiting for hard-to-find parts) to make sure guys could get out. Could only ride weekends (although yellow snowmobiles even ruined some Saturdays) Still managed to get a little over1400 miles
  5. How does this compare to installing cooler running 2018+ head / cover / housing on 800HO?
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