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  1. only 1500, yuk! worst year since the early 90's. Next season hope to do 3000 to 4000.
  2. Mine has been all good. Rebuilt the shocks, and changed chain case oil--it's all good.
  3. yep, Ken and Mark own it. Yep, my nephew is head tech. I buy all my new sleds, and ATV's there. I work closely with them.
  4. I had the chain case apart---hmm better check again, maybe my eyes are shot.
  5. so far----hmmmm
  6. Mine came with a cobra!
  7. I have aluminum tunnel protectors for that! They work awesome! I won't drive a unstudded sled---but that's me.
  8. No Tv screen, for Leave it to Beaver reruns , for me! Just sold the pidd off the wife's 22 snow check! Like others have said --old school!
  9. Pickin up my snow check tomorrow! Tryed sellin my 19 Indy 850, only 1 bite. Trading it in!
  10. depends on what oil you use? Some oils cling waaay better than others. I just do it once in the spring.
  11. I cheat, I have digital wrench and manually run the oil pump to flood the bearings. I had a hot wire setup for the 800's, but haven't looked into it for the 850/650 I'm not a fan of stable--fixed too many problems caused by it. Sea foam is awesome, as is neutra. make sure there's non-eth fuel in the tank to keep the pump wet. Suck it out in the fall. store in a dry place. IF you store in a trailer, make sure it's well vented, and open it up once a week!
  12. My 650 came with 22/41, beats 800's and even some 850's to 660 feet. I like it. Took it to a 600 ft radar run, won every class I entered it in!
  13. To answer your question--yes try it in non eth. If it det's too much change modes.
  14. my take---I use Stock, or SPI Hyper Drives. Every fix kit that I've seen has failed!! Most fix kits come with forged pistons, great for 4 strokes, BAD for 2 strokes. The forged piston expands at twice the rate of cast. Most snowmobilers are too dumb to run forged! See it ALL the time, cold seize!! Every fix kit failure I've seen is a cold seize failure! If you are smart enough, and have the right clearances you can achieve success with forged pistons. I've ran them over the years with success, BUT you need to warm the sled up, take it easy the first 3 or 4 miles, and get the the
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