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  1. I have 3 trail sleds ready to rock!
  2. How we doin Boyz?? I've been super busy, sellin, movin, buildin. Hope to be caught up by Feb.? Hope you all had a Merry Christmas, and have a Happy New Year! Bonz-- I got's some good 650 stuff!!
  3. My buddy went to one a few years back in Florence Wi. He said a bunch of big money teams showed up with mountain sleds, some teams even had semi's. Then some jackwagon pulls in with a rusty cheverlet, unloads a pounded IQR 129, with a Rugland 600, and proceeds to mop up the show! I wish I would have been there to witness.
  4. Don't you frett--I'll be doin more sled stuff. developing some go fast goodies for the 650, and some other triple top secret shit!
  5. My shits in total disarray, with me building a new shop, sellin , movin! Yeehaw!
  6. come on guys--the best is---Can I trail ride my 163, with 3" paddles?
  7. friend put up an article on a local child beater couple. I said they ought to hang them. I was flagged for bullying! somehow I lost HCS, and can't get back in? Really been too busy to put any effort in it.
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