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  1. Most of the liberals on this site just constantly bitch like woman. Republicans are the good guys and its funny how manipulated weak minds are by social media.
  2. So true. Can Am actually do, the Defender HD7 I ordered has 52HP and 41ft-lbs. Not bad for a single 650cc thumper.
  3. Plowing is more about TQ and weight, HP numbers are pretty useless when it comes to towing and plowing.
  4. Figured id just start a thread as I'm familiar with the Yammies and Cats, and a little Doo but no so much Poo. I picked up a Rush 600. Its in good shape overall and has cleaned up nice, ill add red handgaurds, red slides, higher windscreen, new 6" carbides, ext ext. Machine needs a bogie replaced, tie rods on both sides, missing a body pin or two and ill freshen up the motor and go through the entire chassis. Might need another odd and end here or there but its solid. I do however have a question regarding the 120 rails, that seem to have been updated immediatly in 2011. My stock 120s ar
  5. I heard you gotta run the rear on the softest or near the softest settings.
  6. My summer project I just picked up. 10 Rush 600, not firing on one cyl, might be an injector. Seat logo faded but overall clean body, great shape, solid and not missing anything. I'll go through the entire machine, only has 4k miles, got it dirt cheap. Heard these are great little trail rockets, its a far cry difference then the big bad Ape.
  7. woke = liberal = brat. The people that don't like Trump are jealous liberal babies. You all sound like transgender men with a twinkie stuck up your ass and a faggot fucking you in the ass right through the cream. This forum is full of liberal whimpering by socialist losers who never made it.
  8. Liberals. Because why work and earn it yourself when you can mooch it off the system. Inflation? It's just a number. Carry on woke liberal brats.
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