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  1. He just can't help himself. I'm pretty sure he wacks off to pictures of Lizzo.
  2. Working with Garmin was very smart and a good choice for Cat.
  3. Just to be clear before the hater's start jumping on my back, I am not trying to downplay the results of the past 3-4 years, nor the winners of those races. All 3 brands are making a stellar machine, I was just saying thats Cat's priorities have altered some lately as they strive to stay alive, and sponsering/investing alot into racing just hasn't been a high priority, and this has led to the obvious fallout, less Cats in events and less Cat riders. Again, this is not to take away, at all, from the results. Doo's 600R is a ripper and when Polaris can adjust their front ends to limit tha
  4. I addressed this myth in my last comment. Lots of folks not named Hibbert won races on cats for years. This truth doesn't seem to stick very well. 2019/2020 was about the time Cat really started to pull out, they didn't sponsor as much and that led to much less representation. And yes the ProCross getting long in the tooth was part of that too. Not to knock down flatland racing as alot of good comes from that enterprise and commitment, but not like it used to. For today's consumer though its not really a big deal. The majority of the market are longer track trail sleds (128//129), l
  5. Those stats are from 2019, so not that old. Similar results can be found years before and after. I had them all saved somewhere, Cat won like 55-60% of 600cc flatland racing for like 8 years in a row. As far as the CTEC II 600 being a cluster fuck, thats just brand whimpering, its been a solid engine and I routenily see them on market place with 6k-14K miles and still running good. Far as racing, Cat have basically pulled out in the past 4-5 years. Their money has went into saving their company with a new chassis, motor, gauge and other updates. The only time Polaris and Ski-Doo do we
  6. In the last shootout/year where 800's competed, the Cat 800 swapped wins with the Polaris 800. In much of flatland racing, the 600 CTEC has won alot over the years. If you want to trash Cat, thats fine, but you will look like a fool trying to bash the 600, its been a solid engine. "In ISOC National Snocross, Team Arctic won 95 out of 161 class finals throughout the 16-race season. That’s 59 percent of the total wins! Equally impressive, Team Green captured 264 out of 483 podium positions (54 percent) and 12 of the 14 class high point championship titles. From the season opener in
  7. No, best wins the best. Thats why Polaris hasn't won it for 2 years, and why it will be 4 years (nearly half a decade) before they have a chance to win it again. Your comments sound great...if it was 2021. Not 2021 anymore.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obqshwgNAtE&ab_channel=SnowTraxTV
  9. When it wins sles of the year back to back we'll revisit this "hype" shit.👌😁
  10. It sure looks like that. This thread is about Cat's awesome new chassis but as you can see, its a real threat to all of the loyal brand humpers in here. No worries, the louder they bitch the more bothered they are. The monkey's with the smallest testicles make the most noise. Cat have had 900cc and 1000cc two strokes before, my brother has a highly modified Crossfire 1000R that blows the panels off any other N/A motor. It takes a boosted machine to give him a challenge, he wiped the floor with a 21 XC 850 last year, but it was just a stocker so no surprise. But power isn't everything. On
  11. There is nothing "me too' about the Catalyst. There is nothing "me too' about the Alpha 1. There is nothing "me too" about Arctic Cat. And yes, alot of people think its cool. It sold out online in a few hours. The entire buzz of Haydays was owned by Cat, right at the time Polaris announced another 11,000 recalls and 13 confirmed fuel leaks. Your whimpering reminds me of my wife on the rag, just accept the fact your Polaris and Ski-Do are outdated, not the best anymore, come with a with chain cases and a 7-10 year old chassis. Hey, nice sales numbers though, solid.
  12. I forgot about my comment until you replied and marked my notification bell. So apparently you don't have better things to do. Quit the bitching you sound like a woman, and take your L like a man.
  13. Your damn right, it shut your mouth for an entire day and that lame ass reply was all you could come up with? You were better off taking the L and not replying at all. Sometimes I have trouble remembering what people say too...sometimes I just can't recall
  14. Well atleast they shouldn't have to recall every fucking sled they've made for the past 7 years.
  15. The leak might may be in close proximity to a hot surface, posing a fire hazard and serious risk of injury. 13 leaks already found over 11,000 recalled
  16. The 900T is a tank, as are many of the two/four stroke turbo's or optioned up versions. (I posted a thread with real world weights, from a video SnowTrax did) They [Polaris] also are riddled with recalls.
  17. It's funny how article after article and test rider after test rider, from Snowest, Snowtech, Snowtrax and countless others have raved about how nice and quiet the new belt drive is, and how it eliminates alot of noise and rotating mass, how well the machine handles, and how well balanced it is. But some brand loyal pundits on here down play that like its no big deal. IT IS A BIG DEAL. Many of them, in their words, called it the best handling front end on the market. Ponyrider was one of the first to test ride the sled, think he is from snowmobile.com. Anyways all of this is co
  18. And that pic was when I first got it, this is current
  19. The sled I got dirt cheap because Polaris can't build a motor worth a fuck or release a sled without a stop-ride recall?Don't worry I got it running properly with SPI pistons and Klots oil so the fucker should atleast get me 5K before it grenades again. An yes I own a Polaris Rush 600, Can Am HD7, ext ext so who is brand humping? Shadddup.
  20. I slam all brands. This is exciting times for Arctic Cat, all new motor/architecture, unlike the updated CTEC 600 and a sweet new gauge. Whats not to like? Hearing the brand loyal bitch ass haters like you is old news and lame. I like the 850 XRS Doo, and the XC 850 is fantastic.
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