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  1. Ok so I chickened out and Paid Lakeside Motorsports to change the clutch weights and wire the 2-up seat for two reasons: -The other dealer in MN that I bought the sled from sent me a $500 refund to use for labor and to reimburse me for my time taken the sled in _I don’t have a heated workshop otherwise I would have! So 10-58’s we’re in it…..They asked me about springs but I have no idea if those were changed and no one at the other dealer mentioned anything about springs so who knows…. Picked up a 2022 Renegade XRS with Smart Shox but the bad news is the contr
  2. Thanks for chiming in as i was about to lol……hand tighten ok? I dont think I have a torque wrench but I do have an impact lol….. BTW I’m picking up a Renegade XRS with Smart Shox on Monday so I’m going to solve the “which rides better the Matryx or the G4 with smart shox” mystery myself over the next few weeks lol….
  3. Hey thanks for chiming in… I run strictly trails, mostly 40-60 mph. Can you elaborate on running the 10-68’s instead? Also, should i thread-lock the clutch bolts when finished? thx
  4. Personally I like the wooded twisties’…..I do not like riding ice at all, and frankly don’t like the ex-rail beds (too straight and I get bored). Scenic woods…..that’s my ticket! Mountains to me would be too much time/work getting unstuck…..and I don’t like going off-trail as I never know what lies beneath…though from time-time I’ll hit some 2-tracks now that I have GPS/won’t get lost
  5. I hope your kidding……but wait until your first ride on a beat-up trail….you’ll be loving it then. I drove 12 hours each way to pick up a VR1….then was lucky enough to drive through a blizzard on my way back, which allowed me to take a 30 mile back to back ride on the VR1 137” and a 2019 SB Pro-S……I made the mistake of riding the VR1 first……then I put the SB on marketplace as soon as I got home. Ride quality, ergo’s and that 7S screen (PIDD on the 2019) is the BOMB…..but I do agree it depends on the color scheme
  6. Thanks Saya! Maybe I’ll attempt it but look to you if I screw something up lol…….
  7. Thanks Bontz! And Yes, they did throw in the stock weights……and some mirrors, and the 2-up seat foot-rests….and a second set of keys LOL….NOT to mention I got a VR1 (since there is NONE available anywhere else….I wasn’t going to walk away lol….)
  8. Ok guys I did it……I drove 12 hrs each way to pick up a used 2021 VR1 650 137” (sled has 2500 miles at a dealer in Duluth MN). I’ve been kicking myself since April for not snowchecking, and I really wanted to ride a Matryx this season. So apparently this dealer got a few 2021 VR1’s with 2-up seats via a rental program out west. Obviously its too far for me to go look, so we work everything out over the phone. I ask “do you guys go through these sleds to check for damage, and make sure everything is ready to go”……”Yes” is his answer. I get there Saturday morning, and apparent
  9. Its a full-sized chassis with a lower seat, lower suspension and a governor to 50mph i believe
  10. Welcome to the land of the free......home of the brave!!!!!!!!!
  11. Yeah i had my one and only run in there with stevie5215.......when i objected to his actions i got the 7th grade Pansy “oh well” responses.........
  12. Haha don’t you live in Canada??? The border is closed......how about you worry about your Prime Minister training CCP Military.......Are you guys that hard up for money????? Things so bad up there that you need to prostitute yourselves and train the people we may be fighting at one point in the future???? So you agree to train them, at the same time they are threatening your country for apprehending the Huewai executive?????
  13. Apparently CNN wont share with you that TOTAL deaths are about an average year...... People Die pussy.......wear your pink hat with pride and just accept it..... 1/4-1/2 of those people were going to die anyway-days, weeks or months later than they did.....another 1/4 are probably glad they did as they couldn’t remember what color the wall is that they stare at each day.....ever visit a nursing home????? I keep telling you its less than 20,000 deaths for those of us living normal lives.....but you can keep up your stupid argument.....and by the way, comparing “per
  14. How can they disagree with me if they are dead????? Can you not comprehend???? 55 and younger with average health= No real risk of death 75+ and numerous health issues= moderate risk of death...
  15. Sorry to inform you.....covid is a virus, and a virus cannot be a plague: https://www.merriam-webster.com/words-at-play/virus-vs-bacteria-difference Healthy Humans die from Covid......only IF they are extremely unlucky........ Stay scared & stay in your house..........
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