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  1. We went and checked out new SXS/ ATV track in Wisconsin, we hope to go back next weekend so we can get more laps in.
  2. I haven't heard from him in a long time, I hope all is good for him!
  3. yes we love it! the sport shift is fun! and we have more miles then we have done lately on the snowmoblie, and there are a lot of people that host rides you can join and meet lots of people here in WI. its a lot of fun way more than I expected.
  4. nope we bought this one from Powersports 1 in Appleton, WI
  5. We are very happy with it, ok we bought used Wildcat 1000 to see if we would ride much and wow we rode way more than I expected so kept that 10 months ish and sold for what we paid and bought this before the whole Covid no inventory thing happened so still got a good deal have met a bunch of new friends to ride with. We do a lot of day trips and some weekend rides and we can ride most of our town roads at home if we are bored and want to ride to dinner or the barn. We have put more miles on this then the sleds lately hopefully we will get more snow this winter if not no big deal we will ride
  6. And I wonder why so few have had the shot in Japan? Do they know something we don't about the shots??
  7. Here is mine, last spring ride on Lake Winnebago and we have been lots of miles on it up north all summer! Now to make it faster, lol Mine is the blue/red YXZ
  8. Yup, wonder she is now, those eyes, and her photos on trails were nice
  9. Looks great enjoy! Well, maybe next season enjoy trails closed up in Lakewood ugh, what a crappy season! I hope to you see you out there next season! I hope all is well!
  10. Thanks guys, yup I said if you want go ahead leave I wont and dont have to leave the house since you asked me for divorce, her face dropped on that one, but really I'm trying to be nice which I have been so we get it over and move on, I found a house today and might make an offer tomorrow just need to sell ours ugh.
  11. Yeah trying to come to grips with it and no new sled this year I'll ride my old one until i see what I have to pay her for a while, ugh, no child support as one kid is 19 and one is 17 1/2 so they said not worth even doing any for a couple of months. thanks guys!
  12. Worse feeling ever for me, 22 years and then bamm all done she says
  13. So, that is the good news, the real bad news is my wife asked for a divorce, ugh! This sucks! I hope you guys are having a better week than me!
  14. We did 175 miles on Saturday up around Gillett to UP boarder to help a friend break in their new RZR
  15. I just heard rumor this vote is postponed until June but I'm not 100% for sure you know how people talk
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