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  1. Mine is as well and stays dry as a bone in the off season. Depends on where you park it of course.
  2. Understood, I just irritates me how the media and gun control freaks either willingly or ignorantly confuse this fact.
  3. This was all at close range last time I checked so many other semi-automatic weapons could have been used to commit just as much damage as the weapon used in this mass killing, including pistols, rifles, shotguns etc etc . Anyone that thinks otherwise is living in a dream world.
  4. Assault rifle might be the most misunderstood term in the history of mankind. http://www.gunsandammo.com/gun-culture/9-misused-gun-terms/ Assault Rifles vs. Assault Weapons vs. Semi-Automatic Rifles The term “assault rifle” is perhaps the most commonly misused gun term, and certainly it’s one of the most damaging to the public’s perception of firearms. Most often, the media, anti-gun groups and all-too-many gun owners incorrectly use it to describe an AR-15 rifle. As noted by David Kopel in an article in the “Journal of Contemporary Law,” the U.S. Department of Defense defines ass
  5. Ford Expedition liftgates were a huge issue...various other brands did hoods as well, like Buick for example.
  6. When Nascar started dying off....
  7. After a few uncomfortable couches that don't last they might put a little more emphasis on quality when they can afford it. But I agree with you that more and more retail is going online and will continue to do so. I am sort of surprised Best Buy has been able to stay in the game but I assume it is because a large part of their revenue stream is from online sales.
  8. Old enough to know that I am not buying a couch online because it is cheaper. Just bought an american made sectional after sitting on a BUNCH I did not like. Sure if you are young and price is the primary consideration...then online makes sense.
  9. Not helping that is for sure. Yep no way I am buying a couch or chair without sitting on it..too many are all about style and are not comfortable at all.
  10. Parents taking back a gift or privilege from a kid..what a novel concept. Considering it was a 98 Exploder he did the kid a favor.
  11. I am okay with it. The dumbasses that continually respond to him (Zoso) are no better IMO.
  12. The saying "a fool and his money are soon parted" comes to mind. I have no doubt some shady stuff occurred with this org and all the other wealth generation/wealth creation seminars that go around...does not make it right.
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