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  1. 2019 Polaris General 2500 miles northern WI and the U.P.
  2. Here is the hard door on his general
  3. the windows on the general don't roll down like the ranger. They push out. Just wanted you to know before spending that kinda money on something that is designed like crap. And yes the soft isn't much better, LOL Polaris
  4. Makes sure you sit in one that has the full doors, the windows suck on them. My buddy bought them and now hates them because of the windows. He will be putting his factory doors back on this spring then going with the soft tops. I put the soft on mine.
  5. I have the 2019 Turbo and love it, just got back last weekend from Northern Wisconsin put on 300 miles 3 days of trail riding.
  6. My god their are a lot of ignorant people out there, either they don't read or cant understand what a ice carousel is.
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