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  1. Foam is the cheap easy way to meet noise rules. I'm sure the OEMs don't do much testing on proto sleds with all that foam. We get stuck dealing with the heat unless we yank the stuff. Blow a couple belts on Cat sleds and you are half done. 😉
  2. It is tough deciding on the right sled. These things are not free. You may still be miles ahead on your season overall based on the original post. I like the smaller CC sleds for a lot of riding conditions. Some of those are a blast in the twisties. Doesn't matter what brand. I still end up going for power most of the time. That particular rush is hard to beat. I really was hoping that Poo got it right with this motor. It could have opened up the whole market if it did what they had us believe.
  3. favoritos

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    They did a nice job on the video. I see guys unload like that all the time. Rarely see them do it without spinning like crazy.
  4. favoritos

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    Thanks BTW. It is also looking in the direction of Eagle Harbor. You can also see Voodoo mtn. ski area in the picture. Dave, you're killing me. I thought I was losing it when you said it was not Brockway. (Actually, Brockway Mountain Drive) I know that area fairly well. Used to see a wolf wandering around just below the top on the Copper Harbor side. Not sure what happened with that guy? There is a home currently for sale just below the top. Off the grid. Husband passed away and surviving wife decided to move. Sadly, it will likely go to owners that are not fans of snowmobiles.
  5. favoritos

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    Brockway, looking toward Eagle Harbor.
  6. favoritos

    Transgender relatives

    Interesting discussion. This new "They, Them," is confusing. I had to ask some friends how it even works. Many in the community are still trying to figure out how to address someone. It is harder without knowing for sure how someone does self identify. Just ask, is all they know for sure.
  7. favoritos

    Poo 850’s owners are gonna be pissed.

    It is too bad this happened. This is actually a very good motor. Power on the good ones is going to be hard to beat. Unfortunately, they have random motors that were assembled wrong. Still working on what to implement as the fix. No simple way to verify without getting to that bearing. Best advice is to run it hard and see if you are riding one with the bad assembly. They will fail early if wrong. Some rookie mechanics may struggle with the fix. Ask for a new long block if you have one fail. Simple fix! We are all test pilots in this sport. It is part of life. I would not wait for a bean counter band-aid repair. Ride and test. If you have a bad assembly, just get it replaced before the rest get out and ride.
  8. Been about 10 years since I had mine done. I was reluctant to get it done and waited for years. The infections were part of my life for so long I just figured it was normal. The wifey finally convinced me that it was not normal. Scans showed that I had a mess from breaking nose and sinus area that had not healed right. I basically had about 40% open airflow left on the good side. Not sure if the process for me was worse because of all the work up in the sinus area? It was not a quick recovery. Any hard exertion for the first week caused more bleeding. I don't like to slow down and take it easy. I had to this time just to get healed. I was pissed and just wanted to get back to normal. I was a little shocked when they pulled out the tubes. The one on the really bad side looked to be about 2 inches long. It made sense why my eyes were watering when they pulled that thing out. I would have done it earlier if I had to do it again. It has helped me tremendously. I would plan for time to let it heal properly. I slowed down the healing because I kept pushing the limits. Tore out stitches etc. Every situation is different. Maybe most won't have any problems.
  9. favoritos

    Lower cost Navigation options

    What do you want for motor data? I have been using one for awhile. There is a lot of data buried in the unit. I also have a couple of Garmin units (60csx, Montana 650t) with bar mounts. I usually start out on new sleds with stock gauges and use the Garmin units to compare speed accuracy. I have been switching over to the NS1 pretty quickly after stock gauge verification. I like the option of looking at older engine data on the NS1 setup. I will say that it can still be improved. I have not found a way to export the data to a spreadsheet type format. You also have to click on the data to see top speed and RPM vs. having it locked onto the gauge.
  10. favoritos

    Motion Sickness When Sledding

    That is what a riding friend claims is his problem. It did pretty much kill his riding. I don't know how to help him get over the problem. He rides like an old lady when it is bad. Trips are short too.
  11. Thanks for posting Vince. Pretty incredible story. Koln was 85% destroyed by the end of the war. There was not likely much left moving around the city by the end when that event happened. It would have been easy to assume the car was active military. Can't even imagine what it must have been like for the guys left alive and fighting. They had already seen hell. Any potential threat would have been a target. The stories from that time are almost all painful. It is nice to hear about a little bit of healing. The survivors also did a lot more than just fight. Edmo's story is a perfect example. Hiding was the best if you had the option. Anyone that could be pulled to fight had to support the party for better chances of survival in fighting assignments. Toward the end, they didn't even know who was the enemy. During the Nz growth they pretended to be for the rising. The schools were filled with books to support the cause. Banners and plaques were on the buildings. Toward the end the residents tried to hide all that propaganda in case the allies reached them first. They were afraid to burn the books in case the Nz side won, so they buried them in the woods for potential retrieval. I have seen those mounds. It is hard to imagine surviving and living through history that was being changed by the winners. Everyone that did survive was touched closely by the losses of their family and friends. The people that lived through that time will not forget. We should remember too. BTW Don, they have kept incredible records if anyone wants to find out more about your family. The churches are a good start. You would be amazed at the amount of information. Marriages, births, deaths, divorce, single parent, residence info, and school records are some of the examples.
  12. I wasn't that impressed until he dropped the skis. I have seen some pretty bad foot injuries from hitting debris while barefooting. Those little chunks of ice can be like rocks if you start hitting higher speeds. Barefooting portion is all front facing, but it still takes speeds over 30 mph especially at the drop.
  13. favoritos

    Fuel economi

    Do you guys ever check the gauge economy vs. the real numbers at the pump just to see how accurate? I always wonder if the gauge is showing perfect numbers.
  14. It is kinda sad to see. The losses will curb playing and spending for quite awhile too. Probably the last generation of farmers in quite a few families by the time this mess is done. I know that some don't have much sympathy for the farmers. They have had some good years while other sectors suffered. The more recent bad years are adding up though. Most don't realize that many of these guys have already been hanging on just for their passion of being a farmer. Not many regular business folks would keep operating at a loss for long without throwing in the towel. Bad years for farmers don't mean just switching jobs. Their entire lives belong to their income. How many regular people live at their work? How many live their work? It is a way of life that is being permanently affected. Nobody is going to start out being a family farmer in today's market.
  15. Interest rates are a whole lot different. The scenario would be a whole lot different if people were using those rates to cover market losses. Credit is getting tighter for the farmers now. Rates are certainly not going down. The banks already know farming is a bad bet.