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  1. It is tough to verify if you can't get to outlet with your drainage system. The old gurgle test might give you an idea. It isn't very scientific though. Do a big surge of flow into the closest sanitary inlet. Put your ear at the drain and listen. Hopefully you don't hear any gurgling or water flow. There are quite a few temp plug options for the drain. The big box stores usually have the smaller diameter stuff, but not the larger diameter you would need. I measure the pipe and go to the plumbing supply shops. Nice thing about a temp plug is the option to remove and replace with a permanent solution. You can test drain flows on your sanitary system by using a good temp plug on that drain.(It would be bad news if the drain is acting as a vent somehow). The only reason I mention that is for the possibility that the two systems are connected. Don't even want to speculate on that solution. It wouldn't be pretty.
  2. Looks like a drain tile inlet vs. floor drain for sanitary system. Normally, they would operate as separate systems. Sanitary sewer would have a trap drain as you expected. Do you have anyway to verify if the two systems operate as one. A simple drain tile system actually really doesn't need a surface drain. Do you have a sump pump? If that is truly just for drain tile, you can plug it pretty much any way that works. If you have sanitary sewer running through perf under your floor, that is a whole other problem. It seems unlikely. That would be wrong in so many ways.
  3. favoritos

    Standby generators

    🤯 Some advice here is good. Some is a little scary. If you really want to run the home just like a normal day, don't go with the temporary hillbilly hookups. Those are fine for a short emergency once and awhile if you stick to freezer, fridge, and fans off a wood stove, etc. Running the whole house? Do it right and you will have a whole lot less hassle and worry. Clean power is a bigger deal than most realize. It will only get worse. We continue to see high tech put into basic home electronics. What do you really want out of the generator? Three days of normal living to keep the wifey happy when the lights go out? Spend a little and do it right. Use an automatic transfer switch and auto start. A good generator with that combo will also save your components. If you only lose power once and awhile, it is a spendy way to cover comfort. Those service plan prices seem a bit extreme unless they are truly load testing and running those units. It is still too high for a residential application IMO. It should also vary based on the fuel source selected. Going with a temporary setup should only be used for a temporary situation. Plan on shutting down all the stuff you don't need. Use the power to save food and create enough heat to save water lines etc.
  4. We saw a lot too. We also knew that it wasn't just a local thing. I do remember when the July reports came out with rough estimates of acres planted. It seemed difficult to believe the numbers were that high. We knew that the area of late or no planting was quite widespread. It left everyone wondering where the crops were so good to make up the difference. BTW, that estimate in July killed the markets quick. I'm not a doom and gloom guy like the video. I do wonder what is going on though. The LP shortage also leaves you wondering. It was a pretty big deal. The odd part to that shortage is that it appears the normal supply chains were choked. Why? It will be interesting to see where grain supplies are sitting late winter. Basis numbers stayed high into the harvest. I don't recall that happening in the past. I'm also curious to see how the Canadian numbers play out. Obviously, there are less acres. The losses appear to be high as a percent of potential. That can be a really big deal for a more limited market.
  5. Rappley brought a gun to work.
  6. favoritos

    New 2021 cat!!!

    Seems like a good idea. I would have loved a mid size when I was a kid. Oh wait, they all were back then. Honestly, sleds have grown and gained a lot of weight. I think the midsize market has been ignored way too much. The smallest main line sleds today are bigger than the most of the runners back in the day.
  7. favoritos

    f7ben ftmfw

    I have done both inside and outside. Either method is better than none. I do see the advantage to interior installation with your situation. That veneer would be sticking out a lot with an additional insulation layer. That also creates challenges with your siding and water running down to a shelf layer. Inside insulation can also be a little tricky. It should be protected, so plan a seamless looking inside where the wall meets the foundation.
  8. favoritos

    f7ben ftmfw

    That is becoming standard practice here. Not yet code though. The good contractors put in a good vapor barrier that is sealed tight around any intrusions. (Radon thing, which I think is overblown.) Insulation works as a vapor barrier. I'm still a fan of doing the extra step and adding a good vapor barrier for livability. Concrete likes water. The vapor barrier opens up long term flooring options. Ben, it sounds like you are looking at frost protected footings. I like the additional comfort and heat loss protection of the vertical insulation on the footing. It may not be required, but it is worth the little bit of extra effort. You would be surprised how much heat and cold moves through that little bit of exposed footing.
  9. favoritos

    f7ben ftmfw

    Insulate the footing too. You will be glad you did.
  10. Pretty sad to see, but I wouldn't jump on the somali bandwagon. Not too many named Cooper, Morrow, or Robinson. I would jump on the senseless crime needs to stop bandwagon. There is a problem and it does need to stop. It is interesting that many of the suspects were identified from the video. That means that they were already in the system and known to the police.
  11. favoritos

    Barred owls

    I often see some kind of owl sitting way up in the trees behind the house. I don't know what kind. Big owls for sure. I am surprised how much the crows seem to hate the owls. Those much smaller crows just keep cawing for support and dive bomb the owls. Sometimes it goes on for hours before the owls leave. Personally, I'd rather see the owls stay and the the crows leave.
  12. I can see some truth in the assumption. They are becoming better at our game. We used to own manufacturing and innovation. The rules for the game are always changing too. Sometimes a little cheating helps. Population and growth also require innovation. It's not easy to keep taking plain ol resources to keep things going. They will figure out a way to utilize and power their future in the cheapest way possible.
  13. favoritos

    Have YOU ever been denied?

    I'm a little surprised and maybe not. I have never been a big fan of borrowing. I rarely go through the process. I know the basic fundamentals of how they approve, but sometimes it doesn't make sense. Here are a couple of scenarios. Me: I had essentially retired early with no visible income. I was doing a project that needed quite a few materials. I think I had $1,500.00 worth of junk at the checkout in one of those big box places. They had a deal going for 25% discount on purchase if you applied for a card. I figured it was worth the discount, so I did the application. I only had one card and no debt for at least 10 years. I didn't really expect them to give me a card. They did, and it was for a lot more than it should have been IMO. GF: She never borrowed money. Paid cash for her home and had a good paying job. We had been telling her for years to get at least one credit card. There are occasions that do not accept cash or debit. Also, debit cards lack the protections. She finally relented and filled out an application. They notified her of the approval and a whopping $250.00 line of credit.😀 We still laugh about that approval. It didn't make sense. She obviously had plenty of money and income. The credit limit was so low, that the card was worthless. I'm guessing the small amount was simply based on her credit history of no borrowing or debt.
  14. Interesting idea. Wonder if the water already leaking into the mines would decrease the efficiency? There are some European projects that pump and store in hydro dams. They use wind and solar at their peaks to run the pumps. They release the hydro power when wind and solar decrease. Seems to be a similar idea. Use water as the storage device instead of batteries. The nice thing is the use of existing holes in the ground. We all know there are plenty of those in the UP.