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  1. Most of the clubs seem to be doing pretty good with the snow they have this year with the exception of Bergland. The Wakefield boys really stepped up their game this year. Best work they have done in many years. The Ke club is good as usual, and Watersmeet has made smooth trails out of rock piles. Hard on sleds running the grade until they get more snow. South Boundry was pretty good and has great snow cover. Funny to see them grooming with a little Holland tractor. But, they are getting the job done.
  2. I'm not sure if the MIDNR still allows that practice. They put the kabosh on that grooming for the South Boundry trail. It is too bad. Really liked having a little safety net from oncoming traffic.
  3. Northern metro of MN Twin Cities. Ramsey. Dumb deal too. We actually have snow. I could ride.
  4. Many things in our world make no sense. Snowmobiles here are banned here because they are so dangerous to the environment and people. Whatever. But,this same county is working with city officials to build housing and retail on a hazardous waste site. The peeps running the show are not Leftards. I have another term. Not posting that one. They just don't do their research and find out the truth. It is a bummer.
  5. Snowmobiles are banned in our county. It is stupid. There is a reason why I ride the UP. I also love the fact that most areas up there just let you ride. Speed limits suck.
  6. favoritos

    Whatcha got?

    Waiting for the sled on the line. I ordered a Cat 800 RR. Yep, I am brave.
  7. Old pic, but good day of riding.
  8. favoritos

    Highest Mileage Day???

    Those were not the easiest sleds to put miles on the seat. We had a couple of the 2002 ZR sleds that we kept around as spares. We had a 360 mile day and felt so good when we got back to camp that we thought it would be a good idea to burn through the old gas on the ZR sleds sitting in the trailer. We only rode about 20 more miles. We could immediately feel where the ergonomics of seating position caused major pain. I love the thought of "It's only another 100 miles." . Been there and done that quite a few times. Had a few that bit pretty hard on the body/senses. One trip turned into whiteout conditions just after we said "It's only another 100 miles", We didn't have many lodging options and no late night gas. A groomer had also created a snow boulder ridge on the middle of the trail. It was a brutal ride. You couldn't see and it was like riding a minefield.
  9. favoritos

    Highest Mileage Day???

    Axys1, Good word on the club member's daughter. I have seen a lot over the years. It is nice to hear a good story.
  10. favoritos

    Highest Mileage Day???

    Are we not using real names? The guy mentioned in the pics is amazing. He rides a ton of miles where we ride. We typically put on about 200 per day. Have had a few right around the 400 mark. Never leave without a relaxing breakfast, but hit the rough trails during the rest of the day. Prefer to eat and then ride hard. It takes a lot of energy to ride in junk. There are no guarantees with trail conditions. Groomers break, clubs don't follow through with their schedules.