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  1. favoritos


    I'd love to find something too. Quality usually isn't the greatest with the convertible couch chairs. I worked as a mover in college. I have seen plenty. It takes big bucks for the good stuff. I'm cheap myself. I just use regular chairs and couches in the room most of the time. I have a couple of decent air mattresses that I pull out when needed. Air pump is essential for convenience.
  2. favoritos

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    I will give him a lot more credit if he is riding out of Ironwood every day. They really messed up trail 2 winding around the ski hills. Not bad once and awhile, but every day could get old. It is pretty amazing no matter where you ride. I'm sure most people that meet Nick would not have a clue that he puts on that many miles. Kinda feels like hanging out with the old timer guys. He just goes out and rides a gazillion miles.
  3. favoritos

    Govt Spying program on US Citizens

    Who uses a phone to make calls? Seems like there is a lot more communication growing through other methods. I'm sure those records are more relevant.
  4. That is funny. I have had it happen too. One time it happened in an area that I never drive the roads. I knew the trails very well. I just didn't know the roads. I asked the driver if they had a map. They did, but didn't know where they were on the map. My buddies waited that time, while I did the local tour guide thing with the driver. We still laugh about that one.
  5. Stop sign has been buried or missing at that intersection for quite some time. Still surprising it happened to someone living in that area. I agree with some of the road crossings up there being a challenge. The angled crossings with curves on the road are just about impossible to see traffic with high banks. Road traffic is slower with the curves. But, crossing from the inside is a shoot and hope endeavor.
  6. I'm pretty impressed with the plow guy. Smart move. Not sure if the snow ice part was intentional, but it worked.
  7. Somewhere around 2,600 miles. Hard to tell for sure. Been on a lot of machines this year. The RR is a great riding machine when it is set up for my style. It also rides nice on a rope. Twenty seven miles of that in blinding snow last trip. Gear really does make a difference. I stayed pretty dry for that ride. It has been a strange winter for conditions. I have never rode in this much freezing rain. Temp swings have been all over the charts too. I have tried to plan longer trips with a little more consistent temps for the duration so I don't need to pack so much gear. The snow has been fantastic outside of the rain. Less sugar snow than I have seen in a long time because of the ongoing refresher snows.
  8. favoritos

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    Dang, that does not look good. I always hate scenes like one. It is a little confusing to see what they hit.
  9. favoritos

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    Fuel calibration to meet emissions. They are programed lean. Start to detect detonation and throw fuel into the mix. It takes a little extra effort to manage them if you run hard for long runs. Basically, you have to slow down/cool egts, before you stop. You can also blow/cool, the exhaust with a good throttle burst. It is counterintuitive for many riders to use throttle for cooling. Racers are used to the practice.
  10. I always wonder how much power is consumed to keep drivers nice and warm inside those things? Creating heat takes power.
  11. Put on 1,998 so far this season on new machine. Holding up so far. Variety of riding conditions has been unreal. Freezing rain turning into -20f temps in a single ride. It has made gear a lot more critical. I like to stay dry. Seems to be more important with such a range of conditions.
  12. favoritos

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    Paperclip for a house? Some people just love to trade. BTW, It has been a strange year for riding. More freezing rain than I can recall. Now, riding in super cold. Probably going to be playing in freezing rain again by end of the week. Thank god for decent gear.
  13. Checking the rollers on the primary is quick and easy. Start there and verify the weights too. Bad rollers and worn weights seem to work together.
  14. favoritos

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    Riding bud uses some old motorola flip phone. (Not a razor, just one of those old contractor phones) That phone ends up being the last one running when it gets cold. He always jokes that he needs a phone to use as a phone. Also needs a calculator. Why get all that other stuff if it doesn't work. Odd thing about that phone, in some remote areas, it is the only one getting a signal that you can use for calls. I just turn my phone off. I'm not going to do anything with it while I'm sledding.