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  1. RESORT / HOTEL /MOTEL suggestions

    I have been to Quebec twice this year buying sleds. 6 people and a dog on short notice was to much. I got through to hali forest and got a cabin (dog friendly) for a weekend including trail passes. which is great because I didn't buy ofsc passes.
  2. RESORT / HOTEL /MOTEL suggestions

    I need a few suggestions for a place to stay just after new years. first week in Jan, last min decision. resort with meal plan or restaurant close( 6 people - the wife is on strike) - sled trails close- close to ski hill. all with in 3 hrs of Toronto? any one have suggestions. .. I tried the hali forest, but no one answers the phone
  3. Winter 2018

    he use to, but I will buy him a beater sled in exchange or keeping 2 trailers there
  4. Winter 2018

    A friend bought a place close to the Toyota dealership and I will be leaving my trailer there. so it might be a great place to leave from
  5. Winter 2018

    looking for riding buddies in the area
  6. Winter 2018

    Anyone live in Orillia area around #12 and fairgrounds area(Toyota dealership) or near that area?
  7. Polaris 340 for kids?

    when my kids were that age I got them a indy trail - 488 fanner. great sled. any of the 90-2000 indy trail - fan - 440- 340 are good solid machines, lots of used parts available. cheaply. don't buy something expensive because trees jump out at the kids and accidents happen. early 90 phazers are also light and seem to last forever
  8. Winter 2018

    Have you seen the price of used sled on kijiji, OMG and the older stuff late 90's early 2000. is insane
  9. Snow Tires

    I have run lots of different snow tires, my favourite is micheline x ice2, next with about the same snow grip but just a little bit less dry road manners is yokohoma ice guard 51, currently running hankook I pike snows, last winter and this winter. they are just a step behind the yokohomas in snow and dry pavement traction. I found the hakapelietas not that good in dry/highway traction and didn't live up to snow traction hype. I tried the cooper snows and thought they were about the same as the hakas. bfg winterforce snows lasted about a week on my Yukon, before I sold them. took a loss on them just to get better tires. they were at least 2 steps behind the Michelin in dry and snow. I have read and heard that the blizzaks are the best but wear fast. I would buy the xice in a second. I have used them on 3 different vehicles and think they are the best. the dry road manners are great, they go through slush and snow great and they last. sometimes the snows are a softer tire so it feels squishy, greasy or slippery. they have lots of body roll in the corners, reduced grip, lock up easy in dry braking,
  10. The 80's

    I had an 1988 5.0 mustang with the trunk and a 1990 5.0 hatch back. with my 88 stang I raced a grand national off the light, I took him at the start and was thinking to myself that I was the king... I had a good start, squaked it into second gear, could not see him beside me, then at 80 kph he passed me like I was standing still and my heart dropped.
  11. anyone have a kawi jetski

    maybe a second block and chain to hold the rear down. or one of the shore lifts or winch set up on a couple of 2x10" and some carpet to keep it out of the water
  12. Who is sick and tired of american politics?

    slow news day and what he says sells advertising time and gets readers
  13. searching for an enclosed

    you know a little to much about that stuff for comfort
  14. *** OFFICIAL Ontario firearms thread ***

    who doesnt move for 10 seconds. my addhd and wrestless leg syndrom makes it impossible.
  15. searching for an enclosed

    8.5x20 fits 4 sleds. tows great $4500. i have two big trailers, one goes i will keep the other. all aluminum