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  1. Working on a meme 👍
  2. Said the bootlicker as he again avoided using his brain.
  3. Yes, but I've never beaten up an old man. So you make more money, and you are also a piece of shit. Winning, I guess.
  4. Oh, so I'm the ONLY one not allowed to make shit up about people?
  5. Figures AMG is the kinda guy to beat up an old man. Probably good thing he's mopping floors instead of beating the street
  6. They obviously approve of this conduct or they wouldn't be defending it or remaining silent.
  7. Maher is the personification of a shitty ally. Fucking problematic as fuck and a capitalist.
  8. Their silence makes it pretty clear where they stand. That's why there's no such thing as a good cop. They close ranks no matter how wrong their coworker was. This is not a trait of an accountable police force.
  9. Fuck all cops. It's the failure to condemn actions like this that makes all cops bastards. If they don't all want to be thought of as thugs, then they shouldn't close ranks around the thugs.
  10. You're a fucking dumbshit
  11. Selective editing. You don't seriously believe that the paper is going to print anything challenging the cops, do you?
  12. Fuck off Mussolini
  13. And big surprise that the cops aren't telling the whole story and the bootlickers are confused.
  14. He owns property on both sides of 131, dumbshit.