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  1. Seven years left on my mortgage. Probably pay it off in 5.
  2. Obstruction level: high

    "Change the law"
  3. These are the 308 caliber variants widely available:
  4. For sure! Once you have a 308 built, changing calibers is not much more than a barrel and bolt change. The 6.5 uses a higher pressure bolt than a typical 308(hard and thinner firing pin), and you'd want a separate matched/headspaced bolt for each barrel. Lots of guys just build a complete alternate caliber upper so it's just a matter of two pins and a bolt change to swap calibers between any 308 based variant.
  5. I invited you to the pm convo
  6. Lol. Recoil is definitely a consideration. My 308 shoots like a bolt action 22. Yup. 149gr fmj rounds aren't too bad.
  7. Just to clarify, that build sheet I sent you includes a 6.5creed barrel. That's the appropriate 6.5 variant on a 308 platform. If you want 6.5mm on an AR15(5.56/.223) platform, it'd be a 6.5 Grendel.