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  1. Neo Nazis?

    Advocating genocide isn't legitimate speech. It's just like yelling fire in a crowded theatre. It's only purpose is to harm people.
  2. Weak minds can be strengthened through education and practicing critical thought.
  3. It's a positive development that Dems are defending antifascism. It opens the door to radicalize more liberals.
  4. Neo Nazis?

    Killing agents of state power isn't genocide. It's a public service.
  5. I'd slit a Democrats throat just as fast as a Republicans. They're all fascists, bro.
  6. Fascists?

    Gonzo Shitcocks should be executed.
  7. Neo Nazis?

    Any ideology that promotes genocide isn't legitimate speech. It's violence.
  8. steve bannon OUT at the W.H.

    Bannon and Shitcock sitting in a tree...
  9. Are you suggesting that fascist Democrats are actually antifascists? Omfg...
  10. Between Dems and Republicans, yes. Because they're the fucking same
  11. No one would willingly volunteer to fight Nazis, they're obviously paid...
  12. That's a point of pride and something most people would support if they'd take off the partisan asshats.