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  1. Thanks guys! I'll pm yas later.
  2. Dude is a literal Nazi. A tiny one, but a Nazi nonetheless.
  3. I'd buy one. They look like fun. They need to build an SUV.
  4. Yeah, no one falls for that shit. Liberals can't fake it.
  5. Not one liberal has stood and fought in an action like this. They run at the first whiff of tear gas.
  6. Nazis organizing isn't fucking peaceful. They're plotting to gain enough power so they can kill a fuck ton of people.
  7. Preventing fascists from organizing = restricting liberty
  8. Boomers: continues publishing articles about how millenials are ruining everything Also boomers: taking world to brink of thermonuclear war
  9. Good to know, thanks!
  10. Yeah, he'd rather have a mini excavator and a bobcat, but that's a fuck ton of money even for used. This thing is $16k.
  11. Assessing taxes isn't communism, dingy.