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  1. They need to get a bobcat or a work crew down there on a regular basis to clear that shit out. There's another 8-10' of ramp there under the sand next to the dock. That trailer flexes so hard coming out of the water it scrapes and gets hung up unless it's just right on the trailer. We left our marks, lol.
  2. For sure. Cops seemed chill with us hauling that boat around the lake, too. We must have seen a dozen, and drove past the sherrifs department with it 3 or 4 times lol.
  3. I need to paint the outdrives too. Might make that a fall project and just power wash the anodes really well to get by for the summer. It needs flooring and some new carpet, too, but it's good enough til next year.
  4. Cool, I will make sure they check that, thanks! That really is a nice area you live in. Kinda hard to get around quickly, but it's very pretty. Reminded me a lot of home.
  5. Bump told me to go there lol. Yeah I don't think I'm confident enough to do them myself, so I'll have the marina do it. Plus I want them to change the u joints and inspect the gimble seals and bearings, since they've been exposed to water.
  6. $600 with a free stateroom. We did the night crossing. I fell asleep on the bow in a lounge chair for an hour or so watching the stars, then went and crashed in the stateroom. The badger is a cool ass boat. I hope they can get a cleaner refit figured out. There was a huge piece of bean equipment on board with us too. Thing had to be 12' wide. I didn't pull any permits for the haul, either, lol.
  7. Bringing the boat back on a boat across lake Michigan was cool as shit too. Too bad the bar was closed...
  8. No, that's my chicken coop. I built it out of 8" sips my buddy gave me for free. Heat it with a 150w light bulb and the water doesn't freeze on the hens in the winter.
  9. We got there Wednesday evening. Took the boat to surfside, launched it, went for a ride, checked it out, came back and tried to recover it. No dice. That ramp had about 3-4" of sand on it so we went and bought a shovel at 10pm at Walmart. It was also riding a little light in the tongue which didn't help recovery at all. I'm sure we were great entertainment for all the people at the launch near dark trying to drag that fat bitch out, lmao. Had to leave the boat tied at the dock and just caught a few hours of sleep on the boat while it was tied off. So we dug into the trailer a bit before retiring (by this time it was 3am) and discovered a dry and dry rotted master cylinder. Dude who sold me the trailer completely bullshitted me about the condition of the brakes or was completely ignorant of it. Huge mouse nest in the tongue. Seals blown out, etc. We spent Thursday morning getting new tires and hunting down a shop who could have the brakes fixed by Friday morning. Dropped it off, got a hotel room and crashed. We spent a few more hours Friday morning getting the trailer wiring right, greasing bearings, and readjusting the boat so it was sitting just right for towing home. Trailer is a bit light for the boat, but we did 60-80mph the whole way back to the Manitowoc ferry dock without an issue, so it's good enough for towing it local twice a year. It needs bellows, bad. They're rotted and cracked That's on the seller, so it's all good. She took on a lot of water overnight at surfside. Other than that, it has a few little things it needs, nothing major. Gotta have $2-3k in stereo equipment on that thing. It's freaking loud, and it thumps like mad. Camper top is all there and the canvas and isinglass is in great shape but the edging is rotting so it'll need to be replaced. Cockpit cover is the same, good canvas, rotted edging. Motors ran great on last year's gas (I'm still pumping that shit out anyway) for the short test we did. Planed out really well for such a big lady, so I'm pretty happy with that. Family is geeked. They spent all day helping with cleaning and organizing everything. I'm going to have a local shop do the outdrive work since I wasn't about to wait for it to get done while I was out there renting hotel rooms.
  10. Dude, it's a looong story. I had about 8hrs of sleep since Wednesday morning. Lol! That's awesome you saw that! Those guys did a great job fixing the surge brakes. They charged for it tho... No that's not my Jeep, it's the mechanic's. Bryant is a good dude. We towed that bitch home with a 2wd 7.3l dually powerstroke. Even launched it and recovered it multiple times at surfside while adjusting the trailer. I was gonna try and hook up with you but we were busy with that damned trailer the whole time.
  11. the “death was more likely committed by a hired killer or serial murderer,”
  12. I have two daughters and there is no way in hell that I'm paying for some big fuckin todo... I'll fly ya to Vegas. If you make it 10 years, I'll give you $10k.
  13. The union! Do you have any idea how huge a racket the textbook business is? Why do you think we have all this federally mandated shit? It's all about the media contracts, man. Textbooks, videos, teaching aids. These companies have done what all companies do. Buy government favors and enrich themselves at our expense.
  14. They also all shit in a pot outside. But I agree it isn't just a problem that can be solved by just throwing money at it. But there's no money in fixing it, so it won't be fixed. Just like how we could fix homelessness and hunger tomorrow. We certainly have the ability. There's just no money to be made. And that, my dude, is what capitalism is all about.