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Difference between 1992 and 1993 seats?

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Does anyone know if it differs much between 1992/1993 seatcovers and foam? I have a JAG Z -93 and has found a cover from a JAG -92 that I have ordered. Checking partsnumbers for covers and foam it differs betwwen 1992 and 1993, anyone knows what the difference is?
(I included the 1993 Prowler also)
1992 JAG              0706-686 0706-749
1992 JAG Special 0706-720 0706-749
1993 JAG              0718-362 0706-819
1993 JAG Deluxe  0718-362 0706-819
1993 JAG Z           0718-362 0706-819
1993 Prowler        0718-362 0706-819
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They're very different.  The 92 gas tank was only 7 gallons or so.  The 93+ was 11 gallons and went under the seat instead of just going in front of it.  The 92 seat stops at the front where it meets the plastic covering tank and key switch, etc, but the 93+ seat cover goes under it a little.

So I'm not sure a 92 cover will work without also changing to the other 92 parts like the tank, plastic shroud, and whatever else is different.  But I'm not totally sure, I haven't had my hands on a 92.  I prefer the seamless look of the 93+ setup, with the 92 there is a visible gap there.

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Ah, I see now, how come I didn´t see that the tanks differ totally? Thanks! I´ll see if I can stop the order.

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