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  1. A little trip to the "Wafflecabin" today, some retro machines there this weekend, but last weekend there was around 150 retro machines there! Sadly I missed it. A nice pair of Machs came, a 1 and a Z, we heard them for some time before we saw them, nice sound. Season is ending here where I live, but if I travel for one hour up into the "Fjälls" it is rideable for almost two more months.
  2. My ZR700 -94 had shims like that, don´t know why. They show up on the "ENGINE AND RELATED PARTS" fiche on arcticcatpartshous though, description says "Shim, Engine Mount - 0.060 in." and "Shim, Engine Mount - 0.030 in." Maybe they are there to be placed between the rubbermount and the chassies if needed?
  3. Maybe the looks will grow on me, but right now they just looked like.. yeah, what do they look like?
  4. Maybe the will offer -23s for the people that haven´t got them yet? That way they don´t have to build those -22s...
  5. I was planning on a retro-trip today with the Arctic Cat, but the Cat didn´t want that, it protested firmly with a puddle of gas on the ground... So I took the other cat for a trip then, the Lynx. After a while it started blowing and the sky turned grey, but of course it cleared up as soon as I got home!
  6. Not so much snow, trails are a bit icy. But is falling down fluff, maybe tomorrow it's better conditions.
  7. Lynx XTerrain RE 900 ACE Turbo R (there is a name to rival Polaris 850 RMK KHAOS 146 SLASH Matryx)
  8. The bearings was recently changed by previous owner, so maybe the speedo was broken already then..
  9. It´s alive! MOOAHAHAHAHA! Hrm. First run for the season and I got to test the JAG Z i bought before christmas. Faster than I though it would feel, and that was after a hour-long trip on the Lynx 850! Speedometer not working so I have no idea how fast I went, felt like 200 mph since it is so low. :-D
  10. First run for the season, lots of snow in the trees in the woods, sometimes it´s like driving through a tunnel
  11. Ah, I see now, how come I didn´t see that the tanks differ totally? Thanks! I´ll see if I can stop the order.
  12. Does anyone know if it differs much between 1992/1993 seatcovers and foam? I have a JAG Z -93 and has found a cover from a JAG -92 that I have ordered. Checking partsnumbers for covers and foam it differs betwwen 1992 and 1993, anyone knows what the difference is? (I included the 1993 Prowler also) Year/Model/CoverNo/FoamNo 1992 JAG 0706-686 0706-749 1992 JAG Special 0706-720 0706-749 1993 JAG 0718-362 0706-819 1993 JAG Deluxe 0718-362 0706-819 1993 JAG Z 0718-362 0706-819 1993 Prowler
  13. I remember when I tore apart the ZR700 I had, I used a chiesel to cut the heads of the rivets off, and then you could just punch them out the other side. Drilling loose rivets is a bitch, the just spin!
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