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  1. There was one for sale here in Sweden last winter. I think a couple of sleds managed to get out before the factory was completly closed down. I read on another forum a long thread about a guy that had bought one and went over it bit by bit and fixing what was not "right" so it could be usable. Redline was THE machine everyone talked about but it took too long to get to the market so the competition was way ahead of it, and this sled is clearly not o "rider forward" machine. They even had a snocross sled (can´t find a picture of it) but it was banned because it was too light! The other b
  2. Lynx for me obviously! Best seating position, awesome suspension and BRPs LINQ-system. But I have friends that ride Polaris and they say they are the best, even some persons that hail Yamaha., and I used to ride Cat for many years before Lynx. But for me the Lynx is perfect, pin it over the moguls and just hold on, or click in the 2-up seat for my daughter (and then pin it over the moguls) :-) Let it snow, let it snow, let it snoooow
  3. First one on the trail after snowfall, drove a short track 800 so that was fun! 2017.
  4. Down through the tree limit.. Sun is about to set over the mountains
  5. Wouldn't it be fun to have another brand in the races? Lynx (yes I'm a great Lynx fan) As a Swede I'm curious as to where Oscar Norum is going, he had a good eason last year, and of course where will Elias Ishoel end up?
  6. Since Lynx is now beeing sold "over there", do we need one more brand forum? Or is it too soon?
  7. Yeah, that was a good winter but there are bad ones also.
  8. "Ovikenfjällen" in Sweden. The picture with the trail is up on the montain ("fjäll") and the last picture with the hanging snow is from a nice place called "Glen" where you can eat tremendously good food!
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