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  1. Lynx XTerrain RE 900 ACE Turbo R (there is a name to rival Polaris 850 RMK KHAOS 146 SLASH Matryx)
  2. The bearings was recently changed by previous owner, so maybe the speedo was broken already then..
  3. It´s alive! MOOAHAHAHAHA! Hrm. First run for the season and I got to test the JAG Z i bought before christmas. Faster than I though it would feel, and that was after a hour-long trip on the Lynx 850! Speedometer not working so I have no idea how fast I went, felt like 200 mph since it is so low. :-D
  4. First run for the season, lots of snow in the trees in the woods, sometimes it´s like driving through a tunnel
  5. Ah, I see now, how come I didn´t see that the tanks differ totally? Thanks! I´ll see if I can stop the order.
  6. Does anyone know if it differs much between 1992/1993 seatcovers and foam? I have a JAG Z -93 and has found a cover from a JAG -92 that I have ordered. Checking partsnumbers for covers and foam it differs betwwen 1992 and 1993, anyone knows what the difference is? (I included the 1993 Prowler also) Year/Model/CoverNo/FoamNo 1992 JAG 0706-686 0706-749 1992 JAG Special 0706-720 0706-749 1993 JAG 0718-362 0706-819 1993 JAG Deluxe 0718-362 0706-819 1993 JAG Z 0718-362 0706-819 1993 Prowler
  7. I remember when I tore apart the ZR700 I had, I used a chiesel to cut the heads of the rivets off, and then you could just punch them out the other side. Drilling loose rivets is a bitch, the just spin!
  8. Found this "plow" on the internet..
  9. And the charge lasted almost a week!
  10. In Sweden it was mandatory for snowmobiles to have "two independent brake systems" for a couple of years, some airhead politician thought that if the wire broke you would be brakeless. Yep, the same as if the chain breaks... and both levers actuate the same brake! So if the lever down at the brake rotor comes off you would still be without brakes. Also it was mandatory with a horn, but the rubber ball horn is luckily missing on this machine. Of course the extra brake will be removed, less weight and you can move your hand all the way in to the throttle. Thanks for the tip about p
  11. What effect does it have to move the rear scissors forward or rearward? Suspension is in the lower hole, as I remember it that will get me quicker steering, am I right?
  12. "-One Special please.." Picked up a 1993 JAG Z Special today, decent condition and runnable. Needs some love and new parts. Hood has two cracks and the "chin" also has some cracks. Ignition key is broken in lock New tether is needed, has the mandatory screw inside it to make it work right now Switch in throttleblock is out of order Seatcover needs some stiching or better a new cover Peeling paint on suspension parts I think I´ll just fix ignition, throttle block and tether this season and run it. More fixing in the summer. Got no book so I would like to know the default
  13. Thanks! The 440 AFS was rated at 46hp when sold here i Sweden, so 50 sounds realistic for the Z with two carbs.
  14. My first modern sled was a Arctic Cat JAG AFS 440, and it had one carburator. There were 2-carb kit to buy from Black Magic but it was too expensive for me then. Next sled was a Wildcat 700 and that one already had twin carbs.. But when my little brother was about to get his first sled he drooled over the Jag AWS Z Special with twin carbs and the low windscreen, it looked mean! I remember we used to discuss how many horsepowers it had compared to the AFS 440. But in the end we found a nice JAG 440 AFS that we bought. But I still don´t know how many hp the JAG Z Special made, what i
  15. Not so many trees to hit but there sure are rocks.... MOV_2020.mp4
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