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  1. Ah, I've looked at the whole movie now and I see that they are talking a lot about the passion and heart of the people that worked with Cat. Let's hope they have found it again when they present the new sled at Haydays, they need something "Cat", i:e unique and clever that the other brands don't have.
  2. Just skimmed through but I don't see any Firecats? To me they were a BIG success.
  3. Ah, I'll remove the exhaust and see what I can see..
  4. This is bliss, riding along powerlines and stopping at a shelter for short pause.
  5. Arctic Cat JAG Z. Rear suspension removed and all the wheels are getting new grease or bearings if they can't be saved. Skid was in better shape than I thought. Next up, front suspension. Any suggestion how I can remove the rear bolt on the lower A-Arms without removing the engine or bellypan? Otherwise I remove the spindles and mask and paint the arms without removing them.
  6. Longing for winter! This is an old picture, the road was like 4 feet to the left of the skitips, I got stuck in the ditch!
  7. Something cat-like, I miss the days when all models had catrelated names. CLAWS But what should it stand for?
  8. The machine responsible for my nickname.
  9. A little trip to the "Wafflecabin" today, some retro machines there this weekend, but last weekend there was around 150 retro machines there! Sadly I missed it. A nice pair of Machs came, a 1 and a Z, we heard them for some time before we saw them, nice sound. Season is ending here where I live, but if I travel for one hour up into the "Fjälls" it is rideable for almost two more months.
  10. My ZR700 -94 had shims like that, don´t know why. They show up on the "ENGINE AND RELATED PARTS" fiche on arcticcatpartshous though, description says "Shim, Engine Mount - 0.060 in." and "Shim, Engine Mount - 0.030 in." Maybe they are there to be placed between the rubbermount and the chassies if needed?
  11. Maybe the looks will grow on me, but right now they just looked like.. yeah, what do they look like?
  12. Maybe the will offer -23s for the people that haven´t got them yet? That way they don´t have to build those -22s...
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