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shipping dates not being met

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This is a total bummer but not going ro blast a company for things out of there control with this pandemic going on,  its unfortunate for everyone with there snowchecks,  I am thankful I got mine at a reasonable time.. however when I was in the dealer to snowcheck I did kno with the pandemic that there would be a chance of a slight to major delay.

509 is giving me a free pair of goggles not something they need or have to do but they are. Companies are struggling already and all people can do is complain..


Let's all be thankful that the ones who snowcheck are still able to afford to spend money on snowmobiles

There so many people who are struggling to feed there families and pay bills due to being laid off during this pandemic



Screenshot_20201216-174738_Yahoo Mail.jpg

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Yay some shitty goggles.  Fuck 509 and there cost cutting bullshit .

Compare some 6 yr old 509 gogels to today's not even in the same ballpark less than 1/2 the foam for starters 

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  • Trying to pay the bills, lol

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