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  1. Showtime


    Went for a 30 min walk in the woods last weekend up north and had 12 crawling on me.
  2. I used to hate golf. But picked a a cheap set and really enjoyed it. Nice to get away from the wife!
  3. Makin some venison chilli tonight
  4. Chicken Nachos with all the fixins and some red cabin bourbon
  5. Dont care who wins. Stafford definitely deserves a ring.
  6. Yea, a buddy has 50 acres i use. I have never dont it before. Been training him for a month now. Friday will be the real test gonna send him loose on the real thing. Theres a product called rack wax i put on the ends of the rack. Not sure if they smell the same.
  7. Shed hunting training 2 weeks ago. Hes 8 months now
  8. Had this come zooming by me this afternoon. Unfortunately no shot.🤬
  9. 13 weeks 32 lbs. Growing like a weed.
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