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  1. Sorry so late answering you C2C....been out of the country for a couple weeks.... ZR 137 ATAC Galaxy Blue and of course the R-XC......... To be honest, the 129 uncoupled had my interest also. But the conditions we did our demo ride on, the ATAC 137 was better. Along with the fact that my wife MAY ride whatever other Catalyst I ordered, I stuck with what she will be best on. I'm sure I'll get some time on a 129 next season in real world conditions and that may change my mind. Especially once it gets some traction..... And it could be a consideration for the 2025 wi
  2. Gee.....thanks....... Doesn't matter what someone says, they are always be others who will say you don't know what the fuck you are talking about. Why so many no longer add knowledge to the senselessness But, yeah, I have 2 coming....when they arrive is another story of course
  3. If you are talking about the ZR Galaxy Blue, I agree. The pictures are subdued compared to seeing it in person in sunlight. This is about the best picture of the blue I have..... but still looks better in person
  4. Well, some of us still feel the 500/600 SnoPro chassis was about the best seating position (and seat) that Cat had come out with. The ProCross was never as good in my opinion. Especially the seat on ProCross never compared to the SP 500/600 seat. Better because the Catalyst feels (and looks) more modern and refined. If I was to look at Cat, I would say the Catalyst is very similar to (even dare say better than) the SP500/600 in seating position. I didn't ride much standing up, but the transition to standing up was effortless.
  5. I could care less about the pan hitting the clutch. The "button" they put there and rubs against the clutch cover however is a concern since these ADAPT clutch covers have been cracking on current sleds. It's a VERY minor thing for sure. But it did make me go hmm. I got 2 ordered. And a 3rd with my wife's name on it. I'm excited to get this chassis and get it figured out. You really couldn't tell a lot about the way it works under the limited conditions we had on the 15 minute ride. Some things stood out....seating position, flat cornering front end, etc. But other things you just weren't
  6. Yup..... and then hold your hand on your ass waiting to see when it will show up.................. Agree Poo does have the spring order deal done right.... I agree. At this point Cat is selling all they can produce. And, as much as I like color options, having 2 or 3 choices would be good. And Cat is allowing you "add" different windshields, bumpers, bags, etc when you "build and price" the sled ... but these will come as accessories the dealer orders in addition to the stock ones that come on the sled. However, I would really like to be able to have track choices. Or at l
  7. Sure....be warned, it's long.... Warning.....long winded report below... Went to the Catalyst demo rides in Old Forge today. We got there at 845 because of the posted show starting time of 9am and had heard slots for the rides were gone fast at other demo rides They had started sign up for rides at 8:30 and we were the last 2 slots in "group 2" leaving at 10:15. I rode the ZR 129 IFP first, then the R-XC, ZR 129 ATAC, and lastly the Galaxy Blue ZR 137 ATAC. Well.....I wish the conditions were different.... how often do you hear someone wanting bumps instead of
  8. I think the B-last and ZR7000 are still available...............
  9. My 2019 & 2020 800-RR were the same money from my dealer. My 2021 800-RR was about $800 more, so not terrible. But now....... WTF..... What's sad (or great depending on which side of the equation you are on) is that people who bought them can now sell them for what they were brand new. I can tell you I know 2 of my previous sleds have been resold by the person who bought them from me for MORE than they paid me for them at the end of the first season--- when it was safe to sell in the spring and know you were getting the new one in the fall.....
  10. Signs ? Who got signs ?? We don't need no stinkin' signs.............. And it's 16 ProCross sleds @Palu49 : 12 F8LTD, 13 8RR, 14 6 RR, 14 XF 8 137 LTD, 15 ZR 4000 LXR, 15 8 RR (w/Dakota 920), 15 XF 8 137 LTD, 16 ZR 8 137 LTD, 17 Roger Skime 6, 18 ZR 8 LTD 137, 19 Zr 6 137 LTD ( I think you know this one well @Palu49), 19 ZR 8 RR, 20 ZR 8 RR, 21 ZR 8 RR, 22 ZR 8 RR & 22 ZR 6 137 LTD....... BUT never 1 sign..... LOL
  11. THIS ^^^^^ is what I am most concerned about. I'll be ordering at least 1. Being "just" a 6 the first year doesn't matter to me since I always have an 8 and a 6 (this year a 650) anyways. But I'm concerned WHEN we will get them based on the past 2 seasons and issues getting sleds out .... I want to have time to ride it to get the chassis figures out. Not get it and have it sit around all summer like last year's 600 did...... One thing for sure..... I won't be selling either of the current sleds until the Catalyst is ACTUALLY at my dealer... not going to be one of those guys not abl
  12. I guess there is a difference between running hot and over heating. I've also never "overheated" one either. Whether stock or modified. But almost everyone I know have had issues with them running hot and needing to run scratchers and occasionally had to pull over and let them cool off. Much more often than the other brands riding with us......
  13. I do not yet. Just trying to get out of break in.... only 92 miles so far. I will post something once / if I get more time on it....
  14. I've had 16 ProCross sleds. At least 1 of every year up until the 2023 when I decided enough of the same old same old...with a bigger price tag. Only 1 of these never flashed the temp light..... 2015 4000 LXR (500cc 2 stroke). And the 14 6RR, 17 Roger Skime, 19 6-LTD 137 rarely would unless the conditions were really hard packed / low snow. The rest were 800s in 129 or 137. And all run warm and could use scratchers to aid in cooling when conditions weren't great. And, as others have said, mounting further ahead on the skid does seem to help get more snow up into the tunnel and on the coolers.
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