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  1. I can say @Palu49's 2019 600 LTD 137, when I owned it at least, was bone stock, had the TALL window, ice ripper track, and was consistently high 90s-100 sled. Honestly all stock motor and clutching. Even yesterday when it was brought along for a day in the snow and not being regulated to the back corner like a red-headed step child, it was seeing low 90s...with the Catalyst secondary on it...................maybe it was all the glitter on it...... However, I don't think there is a Catalyst 600 on the snow that has run like that STOCK. At least none that any of us have been talking about...... My blue 137 ATAC yesterday was seeing high 90s, but isn't stock. D&D reflash, Y, clutching. Trying a different flash yesterday with the stock can VS their quiet can...so slightly different than last time I rode. Still in the 130s hp. We didn't line up any sleds except for my 650 VR1 (D&D Y & clutching) and my Catalyst, so can't tell you how badly my Catalyst would have beat the 19 in a draggy..... but if just comparing top end to top end, they were both seeing 90+. There is many ways to skin a CAT (all pun intended).... and looking at just top end isn't the whole story. As we all know.....
  2. The 650 rides smoother. The Catalyst feels like it can ride thru what ever you want it to. Definitely less "refined" feel to the Catalyst. 650 is faster over all.... Guess I'm a hater and a liar....need to go see these fb groups you speak of and confess my sins............
  3. US old guys rule !!! But I'm not sure if maybe you're slipping because seems you are not sure if it's 96 different procross sleds ....... or my first time riding one.................
  4. So the R-XC gets Fox QS3-R on the skis and rear arm of the skid. And a QS3 on the front arm of the skid. The "R" shocks have rebound adjustment along with the 3 position compression adjustment. These (normally) will have bigger shafts also. Valving will be a bit stiffer also. The ATAC system uses the electronic version of the QS3 shocks where there is an electric switch that changes the compression adjustment VS having to get off the sled and change them yourself. The adjustable shocks are on the skis and the rear arm of the skid only. And do not have rebound adjustment. The front arm shock is a basic non-adjustable IFP shock...and is notoriously the weak link in the skid. And the valving all the way around will be "softer" compared to the R-XC. Which is better ?? Well, comparing shock to shock, the R-XC shocks are the better shock. However, depending on your riding style, the ATAC is the more convenient "system" as you adjust on the fly. Also on the 2025 models, the ATAC sleds get the Garmin G8 gauge cluster from the factory. Where the R-XC will get the basic sport gauge and to get the G8 would be a $1300+ upgrade
  5. Anyone else notice that the SnoPro models list the front arm shock as being a AC5S ? I was fully expecting the crap IFP shock like on all the procross sleds that weren't RRs / R-XCs.... I think if those 5 position shocks work well, this level is the best deal this year.
  6. ZR and RIOT ATAC models will have the G8 standard. But I'm sure you are close to the upcharge to add that to other models. EDIT-- Comparing 2024 to 2025 Catalyst MSRP --- 600 R-XC ES is same. But the 600 137 ATAC was $15599 for 2024 and is $16899 (now more than the R-XC BTW) for 2025 .... which is $1300 more.....which I would believe is the G8 cost......
  7. It's in the link you posted back on 1/17..... There are 2 videos. One with the sled idling with the side panel off. The other with it coming over the knoll towards the camera...... Overall impression so far.... It's a great sled. Need to get more time on the suspension to address a few things to get them the way I like. But the sled itself is great. Nimble. Very light feeling while riding. Steering is easy and fairly precise (still on stock skis and carbides). Real easy to move around on and responds to body input immediately. It's an easy sled to "ride" so to speak. I need / want to get a little more transfer out of the ZR 137 skid at trail speeds, where people are saying the R-XC is transferring more (I sold my R-XC before I rode it due to lack of snow and travel schedule). Hole shot, it transfers decent, but could be a little better. Seat , for me, is great. I don't find it hard and haven't seen it soften yet as others have said with more miles. So will see what happens there. Motor is great. Granted mine isn't stock..... so I'll leave that alone for now..... But it does feel much better in the Catalyst than it did in the ProCross. Although my 2019 6LTD 137 would out run this one on top end , so far at least. But out of the hole to 80 it's very quick. I will be taking the Poo 650 next time to ride them back to back, side by side, in the same conditions and see how they compare power wise. Oh ... and there is ZERO wind protection with the tiny bug deflector Cat delivers these with. It's been a long time since I've had my helmet pushing into my face from the wind at speed......The tall windshield will be on next time. Will see how much that redirects the wind around the driver's body or if only over their head.......
  8. Problem is that you also have the silencer for sale in the same post....and it seems some comments pertain to the D&D sound clip while others pertain to the other............. On the D&D sound clip--- I rode all day after those sound clips were done. It's raspy and definitely louder than stock when WFO. But when just riding along the trail, it is actually a decent tone. In the clip, I was just behind the knoll, mashed the throttle and the sled lifted a bit clearing the top, which we all know makes the sound louder. So that was WOT that was recorded
  9. Been in FL for a bit. Just back in time to watch the latest snowmelt..... but, to your question....yes, they are in the ECU. Haven't spoken with anyone since the 18th, so no idea if anything has changed since before heading south.
  10. Boy did you get off on the cheap side !!! Both of mine we well north of that BEFORE tax, reg, etc.......
  11. Better late then never, right ?? Just sent mine over
  12. What ever would you mean ........................ isn't that the same with forums for the most part.............. it is for me at least........ read, chuckle, and go on to the next one....
  13. I have to agree. I honestly enjoyed my 650VR1 last season....once getting used to NOT having a Cat front end and having more body roll than the Cats I've always been on. I will say the 650 is VERY impressive for a small block....... So much so that it's still in the stable.....and both the Catalysts (R-XC and the ZR-Atac 137) will be compared to this VR1. I am not only interested to see how the 2 Catalysts compare to one another .... as has been discussed here with the differences in gearing, drivers, etc.... But also how they compare to the VR1. ONCE WE GET SNOW !!!
  14. Always around..... just post less and less.... No, I have never heard of that island, but will look into it. Thanks ! And Merry Christmas to you and yours also !!
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