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  1. Nah, I can't take the credit. You all helped push him to the edge, I just slipped the rope around his neck as he lost his footing.
  2. Yes, I have had that one stuck, but not that day. I fell into a ditch one afternoon and by the time we pulled the sled out with buddies truck, I had given up hope and was just going to set it on fire before I had a heart attack. I think I remember a number around 568 lbs? But I could be mistaken, it's been a few moons. I do miss that sled once in a while, it was so wide and flat that you could just power through any trail corner you came to. if a ski came up, it's because you were on the edge of death. lol
  3. Yes, I left everything alone. Although I should have switched up to the super sprockets like you have. If the track was not tight and kept that way, the extra load would cause it to ratchet. Tight was not a bad thing considering the deflection issue also. lol found the pics.
  4. I put a 1 1/4" Ripsaw track on my 1992 wildcat. It was too much though, cleared everything when accelerating but the track deflection when braking or even just slowing down on the right surface would cause the lugs to hit and vibrate the tunnel. Was not really doing damage because no studs. But that was my experience. Despite the rubbing, the sled would run through powder that was over the hood. I have pictures somewhere.
  5. OH, please do. Please move to Ontario you fruity ass, closet homo, bitch. Please do.... That would be the best Christmas present ever. And you are sadly out of touch with reality if you think there are no minorities here. Wait, what am I saying? You are out of touch, for sure, and there are absolutely no minorities here in Ontario. Move on up to Prescott and we can do the challenge you flaked on.
  6. Epic Bontz, three posts and you triggered the homo large. I think that's his way of flirting. Are you next to be invited to the farm, to put your head next to his little weapon?
  7. Oh shit, this isn't the Douche Skidoo bashing thread. Sorry @steve from amherst and @HSR. I could have sworn it was, since the closet homo was the one beaking off the most, doing his regular failure routine and destroying threads. My bad....
  8. He is a bitch with an ankle bracelet, nothing but a dirty convict. I mean just look at what he posted down below. He flaked, he ran like a bitch, but he tries to turn it all around. My little Wildbitch trying to turn things in his favour again. You do realize that everyone has a better memory than you right? We all read your bullshit and we all know it's bullshit. I love that you keep fighting. It's epic in creating laughter among the many people I show your comments to. Love it, Keep it up you closet homo wannbe. I will always own you Boi, you are my forever bitch. AN
  9. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone, and to my little Wildbitch, Happy New beatings. When it seems like everyone else is wrong and against you, maybe, just maybe it's time to look in the mirror and face facts. You are the owned failure of FS.com. Get used to it old guy....
  10. Is that last April, this coming April, or 5 years from now April? Be specific please.
  11. Nope, my house. You've been owned by the Wildmann over and over. You are my Wildbitch. I could buy and sell your feeble little life. On craigslist no less. AHAHAHAHA You choked and flaked on all my challenges and I never asked for your name. Pussy bitch.
  12. Because he is a dirty Pakistani phone scammer. That's why.
  13. He'll lose his mind. Doesn't matter what anyone else gets him, he will want to be out on that sled from the second he sees it.
  14. He is currently working at the local walmart, greeting people. Wait till his shift is over, then maybe he'll go out and spend some of it.
  15. Lol, I get that. For me it's the next logical step. I find so much calm and joy in FPV flying, to the point if I don't get out, I start to get agitated. FPV is the closest you can get to being in the air without leaving the ground, and I have been trying to find a used 3D camera system to incorporate on one of my birds to get that little extra. Problem is the 3D system that someone built seems to have been snapped up by, I am guessing military, because I cannot find one anywhere. I could spend some time and build my own, or I could put myself in the air. That is where I am at.
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