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  1. Hope you aren't missing and referring to me you degenerate waste of skin.
  2. Yeah, you may be correct with that statement. Although it may also contribute to our demise. lol
  3. Imagine being subjected to mustard gas. You choke and die, possibly years later depending on the amount you ingested. Think smoking is bad?
  4. That is what I mean by after effects. Once started, there were alliances made that changed things on the battlefield and changed the actual endgame. Seems to be how war progresses. Starts out as one thing and morphs into something else.
  5. Scary part is how true everything you just wrote is. You would think as a species we would learn to be better than this.
  6. Move past? I feel like we are descending further into the barbarism hole. lol
  7. Agreed, but that was the after effects, not the actual cause.
  8. No, the first world war was a fight between two families that got out of hand. The long and short of it anyway.
  9. But it wasn't just the Jewish, it was more than that. There was other races, disabled people, mentally retarded, autism, pretty much anything that was not regarded as pure to him. Not the master race. Funny thing though, Hitler had Jewish and African ancestors in his lineage.
  10. So many moments in history when humans have made absolutely despicable decisions.
  11. Whoa, whoa. You are correct, but that is a much bigger subject that we really don't need to get into. That is more colonization. Where you take over an area and remove all indigenous people. Colonization is a whole other realm of evil. Unfortunately Canada fits right into that as well.
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