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  1. Skagway, Alaska. Santa Cruz Nomad handled the trail like a boss. 600m climb...turn around and 600m descent. Lots o’ fun.
  2. Wow, crazy news. RIP Rob. I post the odd time, but have been lurking ever since I stumbled across Rob’s “High Mileage Physicos” message board in 2001 when I was a teenager. Then became a member of HCS is about 2002 when it launched. What a ride it has been and what an interesting and eclectic cast of characters Rob brought together. Donny Huizenga, ICEMAN (when he was still a conservative), Mach Z, the kid that built that raft (and sunk, lol) and more Rob, I hope you are now at peace with your Jane Cheers and Godspeed Caleb
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