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  1. Was that an LT tire?
  3. Nice find.
  4. What happened with the watercross circuit?
  5. Blade is that you?
  6. It's gone. Too bad, Im headed up there tomorrow was going to try n wheel a deal if it was still avail. If it moved under it's own power worth 1k all day long. It didn't really look that bad to me, git er runnin good n let the kids have at er... they don't care what it looks like at that age. Thanks for posting Stevie.
  7. Tree huggers like Suzuki's??
  8. It's not the tunnel, it's the tresspassibility. Lester's have been gushing over that segment for years, suprised they picked an MXZ for their Doo ride..
  9. Renegade, or XCR SB will win next year.
  10. I should clairify all the power to ya get what you can for em, there worth whatever someone is willing to pay and you can easily pour that kind of money into a beater to get it in top shape. Looks like a fine example if looking for a 9500. Is that a 79? Nicer (looking) seat on that one than the later models. Ah yes the toronto market.. nice house/no house/beater house, still worth 1. Something.
  11. Vintage sled prices follow real estate in T.O.? You should spend some of those top dollars you got on some new windows.
  12. Hey that X didn't look too bad actually (IMO) and I usually hate colours like that. I thought the coolest thing at the whole show was that brochure cart you can see behind it made from sled parts. Good use of trespass special rails..
  13. Do some sleddin' this past weekend?
  14. See if your dealer will make a deal with you to swap the track. That is a huge track for a machine most will use as a trail sled. Huge as in lug height.
  15. Not really that much of a crowd last night. Not much to see really unless you're into mountain sleds and trespass specials. (Thanks for that line Puzzle, fits em to a t) Go near the end of the day will be light.