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  1. Drove up towards Riding Mountain National Park in Western Manitoba today and rode 251kms on fantastic trails and warm temps Trails were fantastic 10/10 90plus % Trails were freshly groomed Friday/Saturdays with fresh coating of snow to ride on today
  2. Had a blast with Juniper and Big Fuse in the back country. Open fire kielbasa lunch. Farting around in the bush, deep snow in the lake bays, climbing the hills off yhe lake, bushwacking I am HOOKED, got into a few sketchy tight spots but damn I love my sled, 144 x 2" got me out every time. And rode some groomed trails, not one sled on them 10/10 conditions with a couple bare spots like 2% if that. I will be honest when we drove through Lac Du Bonnet in the am after the bridge and Lee River , Nopiming turn off i thought we made a huge mistake, but boy was I ever wrong, backcountry was simply amazing Got vids on FB
  3. Delgaty and I got out this weekend Staged at the Petro in St-Laurent and rode south and west towards delta Beach and headed back fueled up again and rode to the Swamp Shack then to Warren and teh Prime Meridian trail Balmoral,south to Stonewall than back to Woddlands and to St-Laurent Petro at 1ish in St-Laurent Somewhere north of Portage Swamp Shack, by far one of the nicest shacks out there, met one of the guys that built it too Shack just north of Stonewall Nice to see the RCMP out
  4. Monday solo 115 klick ride Hecla Resort to Riverton up toWashow Bay then to Grindstone and back Hecla, then I took the west and north shoreline instead of the trail Once again fantastic trails for a Monday Found this on the South shore just east of the trail heading across to Riverton, thought it was weird looking driftwood that caught my eye but as I got closer it was a dead buck, too bad you need a tag in Manitoba to keep it,as it was a nice little rack back on the land Sandy Bay warm up shack FRESH groomed trail north of Riverton, had to get octane booster as Riverton only has regular gas found some decent snow to play in just off the river in a swamp fresh pressure crack south shore of Washow Bay just before Grindstone had go a few hundred yards south to find a decent crossing Grindstone trails fantastic for a monday Grindstone warm up shack shouth shore Grindstone West side of Hecla Island shoreline riding back at Resort 115k
  5. Met another great HCSledder today and his lovely wife. Went and did some backcountry riding i needed this I have been going stir crazy and not in the mood for -20 trail riding. So exploring bush trails was welcome some nice deep meadows for this year One the way to Nopiming Lodge I came across a truck slightly in the ditch. Tried to pull out a 4x4 3500 Mega Cab Diesel plus trailer with Yamaha with my truck out of a ditch this morning, my little 2wd 1500 gave it's best lol , took a tandem to pull him out lol
  6. always called Sudbury,Timmins ,Cochrane North Eastern Ont
  7. The Poo Crew out on Monday ohoh grenaded a belt crossing a lake Sunday Cat made it back after snapping throttle buddy hit ice ridge at 80mph Out with Dave and David on Sunday
  8. Yes Divided trails are nice, not have to worry about the guy coming around the corner As dave said my old club use to have a few divided trail sections bout 20minutes west of sudbury but I believe those got changed to 2 way trails in the past few years The trails in the picture there are in a provincial park I believe
  9. vlc-record-2017-12-17-21h45m12s-MAH00104.MP4-.mp4