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  1. Twinrix ?

    No and I'd doubt a doctor would recommend twinrix just for a Caribbean vacation. Could be something you want to consider regardless.
  2. Ontario has gone to hell under NinnyBag

    When was the last time a Muslim shot up a church in Canada? You dumb racist hick
  3. Ontario has gone to hell under NinnyBag

    Obviously not Since when is the United Church a "lesbian Church"? Because they allow lesbian parishioners and preachers & Catholics don't? I thought you were opposed to segregation and inequality, or does that only apply to Muslims? Ya Got it
  4. Ontario has gone to hell under NinnyBag

    As if you fucking care. Like today is the day to "sit in the front" Idiot
  5. Ontario has gone to hell under NinnyBag

    Who are "these guys" you're referring to? The "goat herders" the premier was mourning today? Buy a clue you rotten, ignorant, piece of shit. There are many different mosques with varying levels of traditions, no different from the Catholic Church I was raised in compared to say the United Church the lesbian premier goes to. Should we really go there? 200 years eh, try 4.
  6. Ontario has gone to hell under NinnyBag

    The photo is of the premier sitting in a mosque because of the mosque shooting last night. You commented on it; that's where you brought it up you insensitive, dumb little cunt. There are hundreds of women murdered due to domestic violence. How many are honor killings by Muslims? Fucking idiot
  7. Ontario has gone to hell under NinnyBag

    Oh look another scholar Again what does this have to do with the photo, premier or 6 dead "goat herders"? Don't change the subject, own your shit; you should know all about it considering that is exactly what you are. Just another dumb racist cunt.
  8. Ontario has gone to hell under NinnyBag

    Oh great we have a fucking history buff in our midst. What does either of that have to do with a political leader visiting a mosque today and calling them goat herders? You realize there is gender inequality in most religions, right? Own your own words you sanctimonious cunt
  9. Ontario has gone to hell under NinnyBag

    Wow talk about irony & one of the most insensitive things someone could say today. You're a straight up piece of shit. Goat herders eh. - professor, small business owners, father's, etc.
  10. You aren't very bright are you. I posted it because just about everything in the post he made was flat out wrong and he never mentioned emissions. I have no doubts it will lower emissions and the money raised will go to support things like transit and green energy, which lower emissions... Please tell me more about these "yuge failures". You're clearly a clueless partisan hack.
  11. Net zero lmao. I live in Richmond Hill and take a viva bus. I only work 10k from home so it's faster to ride a bike then drive or take the bus. Where is this utopia where you live?
  12. Wrong
  13. What are you babbling on about natural warming pattern? The warming we are on is not natural. Go ducking read something you complete dunce. I ride my bike 3x a week to work April through October. I take transit almost exclusively the remainder. I'v cut out meat in 2/3 of my diet with the exception of chicken. When I get a steak I buy usa or canada grass fed only. I'd love an electric car amd solar panels but ill take 0% of my electricity from coal. I've never once suggested anyone has to give up driving their cars or sleds or install solar. The market with much more support from morons like you and government will bring what we need. Start fucking reading something, you have zero clue what your talking about. Stick to the tax is a tax and you're going to pay more. That's all you know
  14. 2 bold's. 1st bold is self explanatory. Even your sources concur mmgw is very real. 2nd bold. Totally agree and that is exactly what this carbon tax scheme is. Very very very modest. So modest that almost nobody will even notice it. It's clear the author is only slightly informed on how big the issue is though.
  15. I have a turbo cat as my main sled but it burns fuel the same as most 2 strokes or worse. I had an 800 etec before. Hated it. Great on gas shit on oil. If all our power was green and all our cars were electric we could burn as much gas and oil in our toys as we'd want for eternity. But you won't "buy it" because there's snow outside and you don't know any better. Idiot There are almost zero scientists who disagree that mmgw is real. For fucks sake even big oil agrees! Check out BP oils website if you don't believe me. Take a look at the subsidies provided to the fossil fuel world that YOUR taxes already pat for! Yet you complain about 4c a litre. Put some of that into green tech like batteries (tesla is funded almost 100% by private money) and people will trade their ford focus for a ford focus E. Asphalt shingles for solar shingles, etc. Very straight forward if you aren't an idiot who buries their head in the sand regarding the consensus or the science. Idiot. Nobody suggest climate dosent change naturally. Where are you getting this from? The natural cyikes aren't the cause of the current warming trend, which is causing the ice caps to melt and oceans to rise, Animals to face extinction or move ibto unknown territory. Co2 will take 100 years to get to the levels pretty industrial revolution. So yes it will change. Moron Pretty sure most garbage dumps and municipalities mulch them. Why on earth would you burn them? :dumb: Highest in 3 million years, directly related to burning fossil fuels. That slide is from the "founder of greenpeace" hoaxster