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  1. Just stop already. If this is an act I feel sorry for everyone who had to interact with you in person, if it isn't I pity you.
  2. What? Are you an actual retard? What I said is 100% true. You: 100% wrong
  3. "The American people want Obamacare gone and, as the President said today, don't worry, America," Pence tells crowd. This guy is clueless. The people who want obamacare gone are the same people who think it's different from ACA. The Republican base who voted trump are the reason they would never vote for it. A good chunk of their voters would get fucked
  4. Obama focused on criminals. Convicted fucking criminals Get a clue retard
  5. 100%. The Obamacare there is now isn't the first iteration. There was countless compromise due to the Republican weasels
  6. Typically in order to be a landed immigrant you would have to go back to your home country and apply from there. This guy like many others met someone and planted roots. Should he have closed his business, stopped paying taxes and waited the months or years until he was approved for immigration? The system is fucked but the only response Trump and the Republicans have is paint all illegal immigrants as criminals and begin deporting them en masse
  7. Wat do you think healthcare costs? You're looking at around 10-20k PER DAY if you are inpatient at a hospital. No surgeries just the basic services
  8. I love these responses, it's uniquely equivalent here to "ya you're right, I'm just really confused"
  9. He's 70 years old and has been at it for over 5 years. Fat fucking chance! She would likely make a better president though
  10. He was right, I'm tired of all the winning. Enough of the winning already!
  11. No, just really really stupid