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  1. You are so consistently wrong I can only feel sympathy for those around you. Another post of absolute bullshit and drivel. - I love that you are calling me a conspiracy believer when I'm the one trusting science and scientists while you ignore it and call it get this: a conspiracy !!! How fucking stupid can you get?! - There hasn't been this much co2 in the atmosphere for 300 milion years. That's about 299,700,000 more than humans have been around. FYI and it's causing warming contrary to what you think you know. - Sorry everyone 02sled needs to get ahold of these guys and set them straight on climate change - I'd love to read about your source saying the ozone layer began healing BEFORE the banning of CFCs. Love it! Idiot! - The earth is warming faster than anytime in human history and similarly as fast as times around major climate events such as.... get this: THE ICE AGES. Must be the propoganda - Tell me about the big money green conspiracy that doesn't involve 5 of the 10 biggest companies in the world, 3 being among the biggest 5. go lay down
  2. From what I can comprehend the Paris agreement is not nearly enough to reverse what we've already done or even to stop the trend. Co2 sticks around in the atmosphere for a long time. Thanks very much though, for supporting a President, or at least his policy for backing out and being the single biggest denier today. The USA is the world's #2 emitter and will obviously continue to be. My opinion about what will happen is simply nothing good. There are a few consistencies though: As the earth warms, AND IT IS FUCKING WARMING, it will only continue to warm if we keep it up. Ice melts and seas rise, if NOTHING else. That's the best case scenario and so we just have to move away from the coastlines. Its happening NOW! When will it get unbearable? Who the fuck knows, but it's happening now and there's nothing to suggest it is going to change based on the patterns were in. I just saw something about a machine thrve made that abosorbs co2 and fuels greenhouses. Is that the answer?
  3. Go tell that to all your buds here then instead of encouraging their misinformed opinions. While you're doing it, perhaps do some more reading on the impact man is in fact having. There is scientific consensus man is the primary driver of the recent warming trend. As I said earlier climate change and global warming are different you are using them interchangeably.. I don't believe I've read anywhere that man is the primary cause of climate change.
  4. Afraid of what question? One you have no interest in actually learning about? Your question is answered already. Me transposing it here AGAIN will help nobody esspcially me. It's a waste I time. So again I'll ask you because only YOU can answer. Why prop up people who are factually wrong, and even in your own opinion you disagree with? Must be an alternative fact thing?
  5. Your comments are the definition of hypocrisy. Promote those who deny it's occuring and in the next breath say it's occuring. You're a real contrived piece of shit.
  6. "Some people were wrong 50 years ago so everyone must be wrong now". Great fucking argument! Idiot! Oh look another idiot jumping on the dummy train. Congrats!
  7. The irony... Good Fucking god Carbon tax or any other government derived "fix" is irrelevant to the discussion and to your earlier drivel as well. Completely different topic. Climate change and global warming are 2 different things. It's no conspiracy there are 2 different terms as you imply and has been discussed ad nauseum here and elsewhere. Ozone layer depletion was caused mostly by aerosol CFC which were banned decades ago. No shit, scientists have seen an improvement to the ozone layer since. Who knew! Not 02dumbfuck obviously. Global warming is BS? Huh, who knew you are more informed than all the scientists, insurance companies, oil companies, universities, governments, etc. We must have a real life Moses on our hands, that or You're a total fucking imbecile.
  8. Go fucking read something. Jesus Christ scientists never researched naturally occuring gasses... 02sled from freedom sledder must be on to something LMAO Do you actually think you're the only person to think about natural human and animal co2? Retard
  9. I thought of this site when I read that article the other day. I just knew one of the mouth breathers here would take it and run with it not comprehending an ounce from it. Single Dumbest group of people on the web. Good Fucking god
  10. Science is never settled. You're a fucking moron
  11. "But it was warm before" - ArcticCrusher Mic drop
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