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  1. Rope a dope
  2. Unintelligent and ignorant?
  3. You don't know anything about music obviously, so why share your shitty opinion?
  4. Holy Fuck. Keep reading it and maybe you'll get there eventually! And I didn't write it, I quoted it, hence the " "
  5. Huh? Yes I did. What relevance does that have? I love how you think you are smarter than all the world's scientists and all you have to go on is if I rode a bike or not. You're Pathetic
  6. Translation from what? English. It's fucking simple. If you have to read it more than twice just stfu about anything of any importance; you're a dumb fuck
  7. Bias. How dumb are you? Must have been 2nd grade science you got through. You don't even know what the word means. How am I bias? Because I don't believe in fake news like volcanoes are causing climate change and global warming? LMAO
  8. What sources would be adequate for you to stop sucking your own dumb dick and fuck off? Because they are plenty. Volcanoes!!! : LMAO Another clueless idiot. Never once have I "come off as trying to save the planet" Only thing coming off me is distain for ignorant imbeciles like you that no matter the facts placed in Front of them think they know better. Huh? I love this place. Fucking tool town
  9. Fucking retards "So, now you know. Volcanoes are merely a drop in the carbon dioxide bucket – and remember, volcanoes have been erupting at roughly the same rate for hundreds of millions of years. We are, by no means, in an especially volcanically-active time in Earth’s history. You’d need at least 11 Pinatubo-size eruptions each year to eliminate the reductions of carbon dioxide emissions of all the passenger cars in the United States. But, you know, never let facts get in the way of a good anecdote."
  10. What game are you playing? Of course they emit co2,. What's your point? You passed grade 4 science class? Congratulations!
  11. I'm laughing at how stupid you guys are.
  12. Volcanos!!! Guy, you haven't a fucking clue what you're going in about.
  13. Every animal? Another retard. Guess how many animals are on this planet that are NATURALLY occuring. Not domesticated. You are correct but also utterly clueless. Animal agriculture represents around 1/4 of all man made greenhouse gas emissions. Massive fucking problem. Tr bigger issue is the methane they produce though as it's far more potent than co2, the greater thing about methane though is that it doesn't stick around in the atmosphere for 100s of years lie co2. Educate yourself
  14. How much co2 do humans breathe out? Google it you fucking retard