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Quebec bill 71

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QUEBEC CITY -- "The party is over" for drivers in snowmobiles and ATVs, Quebec Transport Minister Francois Bonnardel said on Friday, the day after his bill was tabled to regulate the driving of off-road vehicles.

Training for tourists who rent the machines and for their guides will also become mandatory - following last winter's "horrible tragedy," where five French tourists died in the cold waters of Lac Saint-Jean.

Bonnardel said the reforms proposed by Bill 71 should have been made a long time ago because the safety record is "disastrous."

In 10 years, ATVs and snowmobiles have caused no fewer than 581 deaths and 6,237 hospitalizations. In 60 per cent of fatal crashes, the driver had consumed alcohol.

If Bill 71 is passed, impaired driving will become prohibited. The maximum speed imposed on snowmobilers will be 70 km/h, while it will be 50 km/h for quad drivers.

Also, if someone is riding less than 100 metres from a home, a health establishment, or an area reserved for the practice of cultural, educational, recreational or sports activities, riders will have to slow down to 50 km/h.

"For those who were speeding and consuming alcohol on the trails, well, the party is over today," said the minister.



some other highlights https://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/as-deaths-mount-quebec-cracks-down-on-snowmobile-and-atv-users


If adopted, Bill 71 will require that users be no younger than 16 and follow an obligatory training course on how to operate the vehicles. And individuals who allow a minor to use such vehicles without the training course could face a fine of up to $900, while rental companies that commit the same offence could be fined up to $25,000.


A system of fines based on excessive speed would be established, with sanctions increasing every 5 km/h over the obligatory limit, and operating either type of vehicle while impaired would be forbidden.

Driving off-trail on public lands would be illegal unless specifically permitted by authorities.

Property owners near ATV and snowmobile trails would be compelled to accept the inconveniences caused by the use of such vehicles. The proposed law states: “No legal action may be brought against the owner or the lessee of private land which authorizes a club of off-road vehicle users to operate and develop a trail there.”

However, use of the vehicles would be limited between 6 a.m. and midnight unless the trail is located in an isolated and uninhabited area.

Bill 71 also establishes regulations on the maintenance and security standards for the vehicles.

There are about 200,000 snowmobiles and 400,000 ATVs in use in Quebec.



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58 minutes ago, steve6 said:

“No legal action may be brought against the owner or the lessee of private land which authorizes a club of off-road vehicle users to operate and develop a trail there.”

This is what is needed in Ontario^^^ Many trails, sections of trails, were closed due to property owner concerns. 

Not surprised to read any of the above links, actually. Likely long overdue, especially in the world we live in now.

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