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  1. NY is a liberal shithole. Liberal policies and Agenda's have torn my state apart. I work for the state of ny and its a fuckin mess.
  2. Here's results from 2018, just 3-4 years ago. These results are not uncommon for the last 10 years. https://www.snowest.com/2018/03/team-arctic-sets-historic-win
  3. They didn't copy shit. Cat's race sled did better then Polaris's and won like 50-60% of flatland events from like 2012-2022. The IQ is a great little 440 mod jumper for short round tracks but on real flatland racing tracks it gets smoked.
  4. It's been undergoing real life testing against everything on the market. By the time it's hitting official production, the prototypes have had the ski's driving off. Cat got some good people working on this, and the Poo and Doo boys got a little sass in their biased and always negative nonsense. Great, the more, the merrier. Edit: That RIOT with charcoal and that burnt orange with red letters looks sexy af.
  5. Well the Polaris Chassis is like 8 years old, so its pretty easy to believe.
  6. That comment referenced all current competition, not just thier ProCross.
  7. @Bontz What's even crazier is, even though Cat got them ready for show in time, it was JUST BARELY. Some of the parts we're 3D printed to finish the sled, no electronics or new gauge cluster has even been mentioned but I am sure they will update it, or update the base machine gauges and offer and touchscreen GPS. And obviously no engines in any of them as Krom pointed out. Couple other things they just had to make do with last minute for HayDays just to show them. So, just in the nick of time.
  8. https://www.snowtechmagazine.com/revealed-2024-arctic-cat-catalyst-platform/
  9. Lol, those little dinky altitude turbo's are adoranle.
  10. You didn't listen to the video. Everything liberals do is a failure.
  11. Agreed. I had a 1.6 Cobra II (stock track) on my 14 Viper XTX 141 and it was a great track, worked good on trail but also really nice off trail.
  12. And when do we get a sled with a flat plane crank? Lol, so it makes 180hp at 15,000RPM's but 75 ft-lbs of torque! Just holder down!
  13. Isn't more to do with how the engine is layed out in the chassis? Instead of the jugs facing directly up they might lay down, with the gas tank central on top. This would keep alot of the weight right under the rider. I'd imagine its something like that, because to drop a 900cc or so in there, and fit this criteria they are talking about, the motor will have to lay down.
  14. You can see the old man from Snowtrax talking in the background.
  15. I agree it doesn't look like an IQR but it absolutely doesn't look like a Nytro.
  16. It looks like we might never see a triple again. I was hoping for a 850-950 EFI triple but, that dream is dying. Time to go find a Mach Z 800.
  17. G4 is super front end heavy, all the weight is on the skis. Last few years I drove a newer Assault 800 144 and a 21 850 VR1, they still lift the inside ski.
  18. We disagree on things but i always respect Bontz, treated me fair and square and ill never forget it. But i will speak my opinion proudly.🍻
  19. The Doo is def not centralized, front end heavy as hell. Neither is the Polaris,its just the seat position, but they are still tippy and lift the inside ski. Far as all the other junk, one motor, lack of details, unknown bigger motor, that plays to their advantage. Edit: Far as me, I buy what I like. I liked Can Am Defenders so I ordered a new one. I've had alot of cats, f7, 10 twin spar ho 800, few procross, ready to try other machines. Only way to really see what they are like is to crack in the throttle yourself imho.
  20. Well this is delicate for them. Everything is riding on this new Catalyst platform, most likely the future and existence of Arctic Cat. It would be really stupid for them to show all of their cards now. However, they needed to let the world know about this new Chassis to get everyone in the sport on notice. Thats all this HayDays appearance was. And it worked. Very well. Also, it gives Cat time to make adjustments/tweaks and listen to feedback as they work towards a final product, which is very close. The chassis looks ready to roll, the 600 looks ready to roll, but the bigger
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