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  1. The fact is that the time period during which we had the 90% plus marginal rates, the effective rates were much closer to what they are now. And the tax collections as a percentage of GDP are actually equal to or greater now, versus then. Consider this. Who benefits most from a higher marginal rate? Ironically I think it's the very people who would ostensibly be the target of those tax rates. The ultra rich simply hire an army of tax lawyers and CPA's to shelter their tax burden, while those of lesser means have no such ability. And if the ultra wealthy can't shelter enough of their income to satisfy their objective, they will simply move their wealth and/or businesses offshore. So in the end, who really pays more taxes in that scenario? I think it's worth thinking about.
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    But Moto has the tapes
  4. Hey OT. Good to hear from you. Sorry it was under these circumstances.
  5. What a shock. R.I.P. Rob. Wow. We are all getting older. Father time wins in the end.
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    Thanks. Glad to be here. I've missed you disfunctional fucks....
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    I'll definately try. But I'll never be able to compete with SR, the self proclaimed smartest guy on the forum....
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    You make a good point.
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    Busy as shit. I need more time in the day.
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    I don't post often, but having read most of your posts I must say I don't believe you are for real. No fucking way. You are a robotroll. Probably created and deployed by the Clinton campaign machine. I'm convinced.