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  1. Happy New Year! Thank you for all you 2020 Help. We all appreciate it! I wish you a great 2021!
  2. My son sold his ATV and is now shopping for a dirt bike. Many of the bikes on Kijiji where never registered but have the original bill of sale. These owners state they only used it on their private property. I think they been raced and driven hard. Can he bring the original bill of sales to the mto to register the bike? Anyway of tracing a vin to find out if it's stolen property? Any advice on shopping for dirt bikes would be appreciated.
  3. You just made my son's day! Thanks, you're the best!
  4. My 17 year old son wants to purchase a dirt bike to ride on crown land trails. What are the requirements to do so? Licensing, minimum insurance ect. What are the general rules. I have never owned one so I'm clueless....
  5. Well, I was more listening than arguing. I was trying to find the answer on google. However I found 4 "expert" articles with 4 different answers. lol.
  6. The guys at work are arguing with each other regarding getting charged with a dui on peddle bike. What can a person get charged with and does it affect your driver's license?
  7. We just bought a waverunner, in the safe boating guide says you need an sound signalling or flares, a paddle or an anchor, life jacket, fire extinguisher, heaving line.... But then says if the operator and passengers have a fitting life jacket the only safety equipment required is a sound signalling device, flashlight, nav light for night, a magnetic compass if lose sight of land. So has anyone had any problems with officers interpreting it that you need all the extra equipment? What are your thoughts Odot?
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