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  1. What are you talking about that's the year they actually made something good after 2011... the 2012-2017 cat sleds are complete garbage boats every one I've ridden is like your pulling a wooly mammoth behind you in comparison to the 2018 and up. Everything was narrowed streamlined from chassis to plastics and running boards new cleaner engines new clutches. They are easier to take apart and work on better venting than 2017 less bog better fuel mapping and many more things they changed it's a new sled in 2018 which I haven't had a clutch explode and have 5 2018+ sleds everyone says cat hasent made any changes since 2012 when that can be farther from the truth a 2018+ sled is 10000x better than a 2012-2017 sled my 18+ have thousands of miles each just put some oil in the fuel and have an extra clutch incase but have never needed it. They have better power transfer to the track still better than any other brand honestly and a 100x better made track that grips better giving the well known "unstuck" feeling its almost hard to get stuck. I've been way over handle bar deep stuff "stuck"(with any other sled) in steep ravines all it takes is some throttle and the wiggle and the sled emerges. Stuff I'd never think I'd get out of without a shovel don't even have to clear the snow infront with a 153 track sled the shorter end of the long tracks which that "unstuck" feeling makes them so comparable to any 850. If not better in some snow conditions especially the alpha which i only believe its for the deepest snow anything else a dual rail 2018+ cat will shred even in deep i ride a dual rail 95% of the time. Just wait till they have a 900 next year so we can race against the 850s stock since all race classes are 900 already... going to completely dominate every aspect of racing next season.
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