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  1. On 7/8/2019 at 11:42 AM, Renegade X said:

    I went to the stampede when I lived in Calgary.  We didn't even see one event.  Just a huge party, it was awesome.  Fucked a really fat chick there so that kinda sucked...lol

    Lol.  Anyone who says they haven’t fucked a fatty is a liar

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  2. Just returned from a Caribbean vacation.. ..we all did the twinrix vaccine and dukoral drink. Like was said a few posts ago, a tainted ice cube or brush your teeth accidentally with some tap water and you're shitting your pants for a week. Both were recommended by the doctor and people who travel alot.

  3. 59 minutes ago, odot1 said:

      Strict black/white answer..  No.   I am impressed with you foresight tho!! If you were stopped and explained to the officer just like you explained here I'd said about 75% (or greater) of the time you'd not have any issues.   Prob not the answer you wanted to hear buy I hope it helps.  In my own personal opinion, I wouldn't have an issue with it.  I'd also bet any Justice of the Peace would simply throw this out should it ever get that far.

    Thanks! And good to know as I thought it would be legal seeing as the other seadoo can be to the person in the water quicker than I can turn and get back.

    Thanks for this thread, a lot of great info in here!


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  4. odot1, I have a question regarding towing using a PWC. I have a 3 seater seadoo and I realize driver, spotter and 1 spot to "rescue" person being towed. Sometimes I will tow 2 people on 2 tubes or 2 kneeboards and have another 3 seater seadoo following to be the "rescue" vessel. Does having the 2nd seadoo make this legal?


  5. Sometimes the dealer is the better choice, could be a PCM reprogram vs the expense of an overhaul that not every trans shop is aware of. Depends on the symptom and of course a good tech at the dealer

  6. 1 hour ago, ArcticCrusher said:

    I don't know, it's fairly specialized so there is no way the regular mechanics or dealers are doing it.  Need to look at the financials.

    Most dealers have a specialist that just does transmission. Obviously would be brand specific and not all makes like a private shop

  7. It's a very good venture. I have 2 friends that have transmission shops. One has Triple A in Pickering and the other has a Mister Transmission in Whitby. Both shops are always busy

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