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  1. If you plan on coming on the louis real long weekend , its free to ride here. Just need to download and print a permit. I believe you can contact any mpi autopac outlet and deal with them directly as snoman does not sell the permits, they are purchased at autopac outlets
  2. There's like 4 feet of deck for 6 feet of sxs lol. Its hanging off the end
  3. Snapped this while in traffic. Guy next to me had a can am on a flat deck...guess he ran out of room lol
  4. The Manitoba section is deader than a door knob. Brutal
  5. Never saw speedo. It what he told us. Seemed like we were flying
  6. Was in buddies 18 ft baja with a hoped up v6 mercruiser doing around 80mph. That was cool. Took a while to get there tho, was trimming a lot, the faster we went
  7. Theres a giant problem with atvs,and vehicles on sled trails here. Fucking twats complain that because most trails are "crown land" they are entitled to be on them, destroying them. Im glad I sold my sled
  8. I had a recall on my 11 pro r 800 of 113 mph on the lake . So maybe around 100? I'd rather accelerate out of corners than go doing top ends
  9. 135 in my old bel air rcmp interceptor. 383 stroker, 3500 high stall, manual valve body and 3.08s . Speedo was certified to 120 but pulled 135 on GPS
  10. I never got a warning either. The way it was when I was a mod was a few vacations then a team huddle, decision then whatever. Not instant ban. Guy blows donkeys for quarters
  11. I still don't think we need many rules in brand forums ..maybe if they really get going? But you have to remember what site you are in. I think for the most part, members will keep things civil anyways . It would be like having Muslims moving to Canada and expecting rules to conform to their beliefs...fuck that noise. You moved here, adapt
  12. I prefer the layout of old hcs, but really prefer the features fs provides
  13. We did our best moderating hcs but that shop has sailed . Joe douche canoe made certain of that. While I do agree with moderation in certain forums it might take a bit to enforce? Mind you, the majority of current members are more interested in politics vs sledding .
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