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  1. Done a few days of 200+ miles. Most of the riding we do is on week nights so don't get many opportunities to do big mile rides.
  2. Last ride of March '20. Everything got locked down the day after we got home.
  3. Trail goes through farmers field right across the street from my house. When the river freezes up well and we can use it its only 4 doors down in the opposite direction.
  4. Have 2 right now. '20 ZR8000 for me and an '01 Indy classic 600 for the kids.
  5. Just have to make sure you don't hit the edge of the container!
  6. Congrats!!! Let the fun begin Any updates on the house?
  7. I bought a new sled two years ago. Thanks to low snow one year and health issues the second I've yet to hit 1000 miles. Here's hoping next years a good one!!
  8. Will be Malkins again this year.
  9. Yep, don't like him much. Unless he's playing for team Canada (aka the best)
  10. Big one tonight, one more and it's a series again.
  11. That's because signing bonus' count regardless. If not why do the Hawks have Towes and Kane on the cap at 10mil each instead of 2 mil with 8 mil signing bonus?
  12. I thought the AAV counted and only bonus' went on to next year if it put the team over the cap.
  13. The signing bonus stuff just makes their money lockout proof.
  14. It does count on the cap. I didn't say anything about pay grade just don't think the term was a great choice.
  15. It would be a disgrace if he got 4mil. He's a 2.5-3mil at most in my eyes, probably will get more on the open market though. Not sure signing Zaitsev (sp?) for 7 years was a great choice.
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