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  1. Yes Its time for our Provincial and Federal Judges to GROW SOME BALLS and start tossing "slip and fall" cases out of our courts. We used to laugh at "the stupid Americans" with their ambulance chaser lawyers they allowed , now Canada is worse off. "GEE I was walking outside in January in Canada and I slipped and fell on some ice" Now I get to sue someone. And they get paid ! WTF ?????????? Also for Government to "CAP" insurance prices for insurance they legislate to be mandatory. Insurance will kill organized snowmobiling and we will be back to a free for all sit
  2. it does not matter who you vote in. All Ontario political parties will blabber on, during an election about all the positive changes they are going to make. Once in power they will do what every other party has done for 30+ yrs in Ontario increase the Public sector worker numbers, at a rate above the private sector or population growth and claim that as "job creation" Increase Public Sector workers, wages and benefits above the inflation rate of the private sector, and claim "they are attracting better people" The Ontario Government has grown into a massive out of
  3. "Alcohol is another serious issue. By engaging the driver and watching as he/she retrieves documents gives an officer a chance to asses fine motor skills. Simply having booze on your breath does not mean you are impaired. Most helmets have pieces covering the mouth and nose making it difficult to detect the odour as well." I guess this is my "beef" Officers are using the "document check" to get time to evaluate each sledder for impaired. At least in a lot of areas I ride. If it is a RIDE check - says its a RIDE check - ask the sledder to pull their helmet off . We do no
  4. Question Regarding Proof of documentation ? Who in the OPP organization is responsible for procedures on the OFSC trails ? I would like to speak with him/her The Ontario OPP have emplaced a "Document Check" procedure on our snowmobile trails that has become over the top. I was "document checked" 36 times last 2 seasons - most of that the prev yr, and have been "document checked" once this yr already on the only day of riding. I have driven a vehicle on Ontario roads and highways over 4 million kms and have never once had an OPP randomly stop me and ask to see documents.
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