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  1. Okay Mr. Smart Guy. We are paying interest on that debt. If you never pay any of it back and the debt keeps going up, we will be paying increasing interest forever and never reducing the principle. I bet we have payed the debt many times over. If we have many more years like this one we won't be able to even pay the annual interest.
  2. I see from the article you supplied that one rate has almost doubled, another has gone up by approx. 1/3 and the other has actually gone down from last year. In Fail economics this means that all rates have doubled. If you look back in the year chart the rates are even higher before they were artificially lowered by borrowing money. You FAIL again. You can't make it true by stating your fantasy data over and over again. Still haven't seen proof of your hydro costs doubling....
  3. Still haven't seen any proof that your bill has doubled (i won't hold my breath). Irregardless, this was all caused by McGuilty and no-Wynne. They spent billions and then borrowed money to artificially lower bills immediately to be paid back by our children. Its like a speeding train, it takes along time for the brakes to take effect. With you there is no pretending to be dumb. You are, and seem to be proud of it.
  4. As I said...deflect...deflect...deflect. The off peak price is just one of 3 prices. How did the other 2 compare? Like I said show us your bill to prove your cost has doubled (absolutely no chance of this ever happening...). The over all bill is the only way to really to see what effect the rate change has made. With your lack of financial and mathematical knowledge it is no wonder that you make ridiculous claims based on the change of one of 3 rates for hydro power.
  5. I just checked my payments for the end of last year and the beginning of this year. Largest increase in Feb. was about 20% (total bill not rates) and last month it was about 20% less. Is this just another one of those items that you keep repeating and then expect everyone to believe you? Show us your bills from last year and this year to prove your point (you can blank out address and account number). I won't hold my breath waiting for you to post your actual bills. Hold on I hear some keyboard input coming from you.... " deflect...deflect...deflect...deflect... Why won't these people acc
  6. Seems like you are generating your own fake news in your undying need to make Trudeau (should be Liedeau) look good (an impossible task). In the Global News story below, Scheer submitted the costs to the Conservative Party and they approved the expenses. He didn't steal anything. May not have been a proper expense but the Conservative Party should have turned it down. OTTAWA — Andrew Scheer billed the Conservative party for his kids’ private Catholic school, private security, an extra housekeeper, his minivan and clothes for his family, a party review of the outgoing leader’
  7. You truly do not know anything. Covid Alert is not a tracking app. Besides that you should love it as your loverboy JT supports it as well....
  8. Strong in you is the one way urge, Obe-Oneway. Are you too much a Lieberal boot licker to realize there is a difference between the student "volunteers" receiving the funding and the contract workers paid to find them and submit the paper work. Thank god you're not involved in any of these programs or the deficit would be even worse than it is. Why on earth would they have staff for a year when the program runs for only a few months? Even though some funding may stretch beyond the summer, they won't be signing up volunteers after the summer. Do you expect to have these contract wor
  9. https://www.thestar.com/politics/federal/2020/07/11/we-charity-lays-off-hundreds-after-deal-with-trudeau-government-is-cancelled.html "Two sources told the Star that WE originally indicated it would honour the contracts, most of which were set to end Aug. 31, according to the organization. But on Tuesday, the sources said, WE let them go. The organization told the Star that workers were given additional compensation based on how long they had worked with WE. "
  10. So if we divy the $20 mill. amongst the 455 contracters that comes to almost $44,000 each for less than 2 months work. Sure looks like WE would be taking a really big cut to me.
  11. LOL. I wonder if the beard has made any difference?
  12. Last election TrueDope said (strike that - promised) that he would balance it in the fourth year. How did that work out?
  13. Right now there is a small number of grocery stores allowed to sell beer so it is not a valid comparison to what it could be. What do you think the price would be if Costco were allowed to sell beer in Ontario?
  14. It certainly isn't the Ontario Government. They set minimum prices for liquor and beer. The breweries and distillers set the price for their product above that minimum. Ontario and Feds set the taxes that apply to the beer and liquor. If Ontario set the price there would be more buck a beer products. The Beer Store is owned by several major breweries, so basically they are setting prices. Although the Beer Store is privately owned (not government) they still run a virtual monopoly on beer sales. Regardless of volumes sold, the added competition should help to keep prices lower or not at l
  15. You really are a financial idiot. A product could only go down or up by the same percentage as gas if the gas accounts for 100% of the product, which of course is rediculous. Gas will be a percentage of the transportation cost for that product. If you buy the product once, the extra cost will be negligable. If you have to buy it frequently the extra cost could be a burden. With products whose costs fluctuate it is always easy for someone to ask if you noticed any difference when an extra tax is added. The thing to remember with the carbon tax is that a litre of gas is always approximately
  16. If going backwards under Scheer means we are going in the opposite of Trudeau's direction the result is we are moving forward again. Yea....
  17. Since Ontario has about 40% of Canada's population, along with the other three province's populations it is a fairly safe bet to say that most Canadians do care.
  18. I have one word for you Fail. BLOWHARD Biggest Lieberal Oneway Without Having Any Rational Deliberation
  19. And being moved to a lower position is Constructive Dismissal. I am sure you are well aware of what constructive dismissal is and what constitutes it...
  20. Being demoted is grounds for Constructive Dismissal.
  21. Why is our government spending like we are in a recession? If the economy is as good as the Liberals say why are we still in a deficit situation. In good times they should not be spending more than they are bringing in. Even more they should have a surplus and using it to pay down the debt. If they were doing this when the next downturn happens we would be in a better position to spend were it is needed. With no end in sight before we have a balanced budget, let alone reduce our debt, heaven help us when the down turn does occur.
  22. I'm out of sledding so I really don't care anymore but my reasoning for preferring standard studs is as follows: A standard stud goes into the track and not the paddle so when on a slippery surface both the studs and paddles are in contact with the ground. The screw in studs are in the paddles and are making contact with the ground with little or no paddle contact. May not make a big difference but to me you should get more grip with standard studs.
  23. You really need to think before you comment on financial matters. I know that is a lot to ask of you but you really need to try. A 5 billion deficit becomes 20 if the government commits to 5 billion new spending in each of the 4 years. 15 billion only becomes 60 if they commit to 15 billion in new spending in each year for 4 years; if they don't it is just 15 billion for that year. The cost to carry that debt in the following years will add to the deficit but it wont be 15 billion.
  24. There you go with your crazy math again. Since there are approximately 30 million people in Canada and they are grabbing info on 500,000 per year that translates into 1 in 60 per year. Of course if you took into account kids and people without any transactions your chances of being selected are much greater.
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