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  1. I ran the miles from the PQ border to Senneterre through Val Dor 325km. From Seneterre back to the border through Amos 330 km cutting off 93 and going south through St Germaine on local trail (its a great trail). Add 50 KM to each day for Kirkland to the PQ border. Very easy days with low traffic fast trails and lots of gas and food.
  2. If you stay in Senneterre try Motel Belle Villa on the main street at the East end of the towns main street. 1-877-737-2331 A lot nicer then Sennabi with gas, beer and wine right across the street. SAQ just down the street and a great Itallian place about a 200 yard walk. Pizza pasta ect all good. Ski Doo dealer on the main street as well AB sports. Great guys they have helped us out a few times.
  3. Looking for a 1200/XR/XP windshield for a 2010 to 2015 Ski-Doo. Need windshield, side deflectors, mirrors and base plate.
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