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  1. Oh, looks like you EUNUCHS are playing the GAY CARD lately!! LMMFAO!! I posted some of my broads, where's yours? Post those fat, ugly, ASS-ODORED, skank broads of yours!! IF not, then you're the, FAGGOTS OF FREEDOMSLEDDER.COM!!!
  2. I posted my broads, where's yours? You DO have a broad, right? And no, your boyfriend Patrice LaBrecque in drag, does NOT COUNT!!!
  3. Listen, you registered homo, I don't know this Prescott Challenge bullshit, you're talking about, so fuck off, you ball-gargling faggot. Hey, I don't abuse you because you're gay.......................... well yeah, I do!!!!
  4. WildFag, what's this closet homo bullshit? I posted my broads, where's yours, faggot???? Maybe you're the closet homo. We used to catch guys like you in the rest areas. Strokin' somebody's Johnson, then they call their WIFE, to come and get them!!! LMMFAO!! WildFAg, at the police station: Yeah Sandra can you pick me up at the police station? WildFag's wife Sandra: WHAT!! What happened? WildFag: I was in the rest area checking my car, and they said I was doing something with some guy. Sandra: WHAT!!! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!! WildFAg: They are ly
  5. No, I'm not. I'm just a realist, and see who's committing horrendous violence.
  6. Making some of it back today. Do you want some peanut butter with that jelly???
  7. If I could, I would seriously consider moving to Ontario, or maybe Nova Scotia.
  8. OK, run a poll. If you win, I'll stop posting ( with conditions ) . If I win, you stop posting, OK, my little Canadian faggot? You had a chance to take the TNW CHALLENGE, and you FLAKED!!! You CHOKED!! Until you accept the challenge, or admit defeat, I " OWN " you!!! I " OWN " you like the bitch that you are!!! HA!HA! You faggot!! I have made it very clear that I can't leave this area. Good try Awful Mouthful Of Cum. Are you afraid of the COMBAT MAGNUM!!! Yeah, you are!!!! So, you DO like Gravano's ass-less bibs!!! I knew it!!!
  9. HA!HA! You chicken-assed bitch!!! Fuck with Uncle Znotty......that shit ain't gonna' happen!!
  10. Go ahead, run a poll. If you win, I'll stop posting ( with conditions ). Go ahead.
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