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  1. You suck you faggot. I have to go out and do some work, but I'll be back later to give the particulars on these stories, which I've already posted. Your mom dated a fukkin slug, who probably worked every detail/overtime available, and never fought a tough guy. I'm willing to bet he was a money-hungry cunt of a cop.
  2. Do you faggots wanna guess how much I've made in the last two days? If you can guess within $100.00 dollars I'll send you $25.00. If not will you send me $100.00? You chicken-shit faggot!!! LMAO!! I " OWN " you to the MAX!!!
  3. First of all EvilFag, you better check with YOUR State Police, 'cause in 1982, they SINGLED ME OUT of a crowd of about 200 candidates, during the physical agility test phase for state trooper, at the gymnasium at the navy Base in Groton. They asked me what I got on my written test, I told them, then they told me, I " had an excellent chance at a slot ". So, there's that. I also got singled out of a state police academy, for my boxing ability. I was also told by a classmate that I would " probably end up back at the academy as an instructor some day." Now, you might want to ask your
  4. What's your problem with me, dipshits?
  5. If either of you two had the balls to stand up to me, you'd see what I got in Roth, you two light-weights.
  6. Then post your hottie's pic, you fukkin 54 year old faggot!!
  7. Now I know why they call you, DICK RIDER.
  8. Shut up lightweight. Come back when you're in my league.
  9. So, you're saying that you will stand up to my, " TNW CHALLENGE?? "
  10. Yup, you go with that. Like I said, you're too un-educated to grasp my explanation. What's your TNW????
  11. Then why are you so scared of me? I offered you 20Gs to come here for a TNW CHALLENGE, but you flaked? Why did you CHOKE? I even offered to do the challenge with you sending your documents to a lawyer here, but you still choked and Flaked!! Why are you so scared of me? Do you have a broad? Is she a FAT-ASS? Does her ass smell? It does, doesn't it? YES IT DOES!!!!! Do you wish you could dump the sow? show us her big, wide, FAT ASS!!!
  12. Hey, do you have a broad? Post her up, don't be ashamed of her fat, hairy ass!!! Put the pig in a bikini, and let us inspect her ass. I wanna see her COTTAGE CHEESED, ass and thighs!! I can tell ya' from the pic if she has the dreaded....ASS ODOR!!
  13. I bet I've banged more broads than you have, FAGMONT. How many have me on IGNORE??? LIAR!!!!!!!!!! I don't want any more friends. People are basically a waste of time to me. What are they gonna tell me? What are they gonna do for me? Just waste another of my afternoons with the same old bullshit talk? With what I make in one day, almost everybody is a waste of my time. Although this old friend of ours came up a few weeks ago, and he wants to come back for a week. He owns ten pieces of property in Texas and Colorado. He has 4 welding machines, and about 15 pieces of e
  14. I'm not envious of Trump. I'll try to explain why, but you won't grasp my explanation. Trump coming down the escalator behind Melania was all Hollywood scripted. It resembled what I would call a Kardashian Presidency. She is 24 years younger than he is, but you morons, think she is in love with him, and married him out of love. I am convinced that she is basically a high-priced, live-in hooker. In my opinion, any guy that would marry a broad 24 years younger, knowing that she was not in love with him, is a devious son of a bitch, who will stop at nothing for his IMAGE. It
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