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  1. Fuck off homo. When does the SS MINNOW set sail, faggot?
  2. The risk of injury/death rises exponentially, with the level of glory. Numerous racers have died over the years. Price they paid seeking the glory.
  3. A guy I know said when he goes up country with his group, they get on the quads, and go as fast as they can. I said to myself, " Well that's one place I won't be goin' ".
  4. How's those white shoes doin'? Real manly!! LMAO!! How far did you chase the man of color in Liberty City, for those fruit baskets???
  5. I want to see Rudy Casanova indicted, and convicted. Don't know if or when it will happen.
  6. Yeah about two weeks ago. For one week. Fraudulent charges. Malicious prosecution.
  7. Hey Steve, ya' know you're a real cunt. You're also a faggot. Don't know if you actually suck dick, but you are a faggot. Making an EXACT COPY of my profile is a faggot move.
  8. Biden withdrew like a wet, stray dog. We should have NEVER been there in the first place. I blame George Bush for the fraudulent occupation of Afghanistan to assuage his INCOMPETENCE as Commander in Chief. Who in their right mind thought that a 2000 year old culture of Arabic Muslims, was going to suddenly align with white, Christian, Kardashian America????
  9. I agree, some of his tuff was OK, but his dirty fukkin EGO and persona are unbearable, and not worth the trouble he causes.
  10. X1000 . I don't know if he'll EVER get convicted, but he deserves to be in a federal prison.............no ifs, ands or buts.
  11. Fucking Americans!! Bastard fucking country!! As if it makes a fucking difference whether a fucking bastard with a 30 round mag, or a 10 round mag is shooting at your kid's school!! Fucking bastards!! Goddamned fucking bastards!!!
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