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  1. My 15 HP Honda outboard has been great, with my 12 foot Mirro-Craft, but my 25' Checkmate was a fukkin nightmare. So glad the day I sold that bastid. Just like the day I sold that stinking SKI-DOO MACH Z 1000. Problem is............I lost thousands on those fukkers, and they gave me tons of grief.
  2. Just sold my stinking 2007 Mach Z. Don't know if I'll get another, got enough other stuff to keep me more than busy.
  3. Exact same thing with BOATS!!! Season is short, weeks waiting for a dealer to repair, wait for parts...................your season is GONE!!! Only solution is to have a back-up boat or sled!!!
  4. I had somebody lined-up to remove and re-build the engine with me, in my garage. I sold it instead. Not worth the hassle.
  5. What's so funny??? What are you laughing about?
  6. The first year I owned it, I got scared doing 85. A year or so later, I did about 100. Another year or so later, I pinned it on Lake Massabesic, I looked down for a second, and it was at 115, then it did something, 'cause it took off at 115. Needless to say, I shut it down. Scared shitless then, scared shitless now thinking about it. I read later that the MACH Z clutching " SHIFTS OUT " to overdrive at that speed. I don't know if that's what happened to mine, but I shudder thinking about it. When running right, they are dangerously fast.
  7. I can only tell you about my only Polaris product that I have experience with. My 2014 400 Sportsman quad. I use it EVERY day for work on the farm. The ONLY thing that has gone on it, are two $11.00 relays. I have no complaints against Polaris, and would buy a Polaris sled.
  8. I bought a new boat up at Winnepesaukee many years ago. Poor prep from the dealer from day one. That also turned-out to be a LEMONM for me. When It ran good, it was great up there. However, that boat was problematic/unlucky/pita for YEARS!!! Some times we just get things that are NO EFFIN GOOD!! Happy day when I sold that CURSED BITCH!! Lost thousands on that boat, just like my sled and quad. If I ever think I got another lemon, I'm gonna' sell it ASAP. Once a lemon, always a lemon!!!
  9. The guy that bought it seemed to know that it was an OILING problem in the factory design. He said he has re-built a number of sled/bike engines. If he can pop a new/re-built crank in there, he's gonna' have one of the fastest sleds out there. Just the accessories I gave him with the sled, were worth HUNDREDS. I wanted it out of my face. The kharma was bad. BIG loss financially.
  10. After all the grief I went through with my 2007 MACH Z 1000, and my 800 Outlander, I have to say Ski-Doo/BRP. I lost about $17,000.00 on them. Wouldn't touch one with a 10 foot pole.
  11. 2007 Ski-Doo MACH Z 1000 Fucking POS Trouble, almost from day one. Fuel pump went at about 500 miles. Sat at the motherfukkin dealer for 41 days, outside in the rain, snow, ice, sun, where any kid could have scratched, damaged or thrown something into the gas tank. MOTHERFUKKIN DEALER!!! Finally got it back, eventually the pump went ( FACTORY JUNK L/P FUEL PUMPS ) . Put a cube pump in the right footwell, the fukker ran like a ROLEX ON STEROIDS! Ran beautifully for a couple more seasons. Fast as a bastid!! Eventually seized-up on a lake doing about 40
  12. Is that a GENERAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Used to go up to Pittsburg, have not gone for years, and most likely will not go again. I'm contemplating picking-up a sled just for local trails, ( MASSABESIC AREA ) . Or, I might just use my quad for some local stuff, lake edges, etc. Bear Brook, Pawtuckaway, and call it a day.
  14. Every year it's a crap-shoot. I guess if ya' think it's worth it either way, have your sled ready, and go if ya' get the snow.
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