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  1. You can pm me all you want, it’d just be posted here to troll you more and add entertainment for all to see. kind of ironic that you want “to line things up” with men on this site ,lol
  2. Your Avoiding the question of its only males you offer 10k to meet, It’s ok, your gay but alittle fucked up that you keep coming (no pun intended) and offering guys 10k to meet you. as far as the Picts go. Dude that’s probably your sister from that 70’s photo. Freedom sledder isn’t a hook up site for men. Can we get a mod to put that in the rules to help this guy out?? forgot to add your response fag, 5d cell flashlight up your ass. I want to pay 10k to meet you. I have a small flashlight, dicksucker that I wished showed up at my door. My lawyer this , my la
  3. Are you going to offer 10k for that 19 year old ? Or you just into males that much that you do that ?
  4. Small gay guy, big world with him. still waiting on that “ special” pm from his lawyer, goat, dog, friend of a friend, etc im Wondering if the “guy” even owned a machz. Most of those guys figured the issues out and ran nuts with them. This one owns up to owning a 550 Polaris and being 74 with a small flashlight issue. let me guess for the response… gay,fag, something that no one can comprehend (means can’t figure out) fag this, fag that, come meet me for 10k and I’ll pass a ged test or something like that.I have a small flashlight , Ohh forgot, pm my lawyer or goat that doe
  5. You just posted 8 minutes ago in the thread your banned from…are you sure you can pass a ged test?
  6. 550, If bullshit was asphalt you’ve paved more roads in this nation with your post by the first page. fag this, fag that, can’t pass a ged test, has a thing for small flashlights, the list goes on. another small man in a big world that has a keyboard is all I’m seeing. still waiting that “special” pm from your lawyer
  7. My flashlight is bigger then yours, 5d cells??? That’s small bud, very small
  8. Even with a pm Its not going to happen. First it was pm for an address, now it’s a pm my lawyer. 550’s a jerk off of all Jerk off’s. When Maine cat becomes your biggest fan you have more issues then me on here with a bottle of captain in me. 550 is was happens when you try and become a internet moderator after being picked on in school but still get shut down because your that much of fucking idiot.
  9. I find it funny that several people have asked for your “special “ invite but your still hiding. your a joke, have zero to back yourself up but a keyboard. Why don’t you pm the members you keep asking to pm you ?? Take it to the next level and show them up with your hardcore ways. I await the Butt fuck,fag,gay comments that you keep posting. Goes along ways to help your point of the man of all men
  10. Same here!!! I’m on vacation for a week though, so if my truck breaks down… do I still count as a win to him or I’m I giving a pass till next week when I return to work?
  11. Did you act like this with your dealer at that time too?? theirs always more then one side to the story, however I’m thinking I know where they stood at that time and place with you. as the saying goes —it’s better to shut up occasionally and have people think your a dumbass, then to constantly prove them right by opening your mouth ( key board in 550’s case) I await the Butt packer response, plane ticket to screw you ( I won’t take it Sorry bud) fag this, fag that , fag of fag or fag response that’s pretty much copied and pasted from your last “greatest” response ever made
  12. He offers and then goes on one of his butt fucker rants. Silence of the lambs type shit. he probably doesn’t even have a 10 mm socket in that van of his.
  13. Show us where the internet hurt you. it’s ok, we can all get through this together as a team. If we ban together we can all use the ignore feature this site offers and save are selfs from the 550 storm of “ your all gay and what’s your address so I can send a plane ticket for you to come visit me” talk You own a Ford ecoline van with a slider the says ”free candy or free 10mm sockets” on the side of it by chance?? do you have a family member named Jim who likes arctic cat?
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