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  1. If you seriously think this, you might be the issue Ive seen a lot of dipshit parents who lack a great deal of respect to there kids teachers but never seen one teacher to be this. Easy to blame when you lack yourself I guess
  2. He should run for a political job. Fit right in with the rest of the responsibility/question dodgers. maybe just maybe the “don’t be getting high of your own supply” doesn’t exist at that workplace. i think this is close to the same bullshit that some of us have seen asking a certain member to show your boat/hot girl/ they claimed to have Can we start a vote?
  3. Might be some repeats but fuck it
  4. You can work at McDonald’s for $15 or drive 10min down the street and get $22 starting an hour, paid insurance,8%401k match,etc,etc and more etc. a person would want to have the want to have a job that someone like me started at $17 and now makes over $34 non union(100k plus the last two years FYI) mcdonalds, dq, Burger King etc are starter jobs,part time jobs etc, your an idiot and have zero common sense if you think differently entitlement of some have fucked this one up for the few that show up to make a living every day. The moneys out there, the employer paid schooling is o
  5. Part of the same people you claim to speak up for, you know, employees vs employer type deal. Ie I don’t make what my boss makes(less post count in a sense) trying to get the same treatment as someone who’s been at my job longer( ie longer hear in a sense too) funny that I don’t fit the narrative that you make when your disagreed with.
  6. How long has your head been in your ass? And are you 550’s lost son?
  7. I’ll bite on this one , I’m sure hitler didn’t seem that bad to a few people either and if you leave out a few things about him, not that bad of a guy to some I suppose too
  8. I only take cash and don’t ask questions
  9. You can pm me all you want, it’d just be posted here to troll you more and add entertainment for all to see. kind of ironic that you want “to line things up” with men on this site ,lol
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