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  1. Yep, they didn't get a lot, only 4 inches but Pitts is in the Utah Snow Pattern now. 2 or 3 inches every night, not predicted and doesn't even show on radar. Buddies say it's excellent there at the moment. Thin in town as usual, but out and about it's real good.
  2. Yeah, absolute rain event here in Henniker. My friends are up in Pittsburg and they say it's hammering snow.
  3. I know, it's kinda odd. Best riding in the Southern/Central NH area in years and no one is chatting!
  4. I fell prey to the Ski Doo XPS spray polish on the parts counter last time I was in the dealership. It actually works very well.
  5. My old sled in front of a pretty cool place:
  6. No one gives a shit about snow in the forecast here on this forum? I'm in the wrong place! Thought real sledders might be here? Huh.
  7. Fucking SWEET!! Someone has to take one for the team. This year it's you. Good man, I'd buy you a beer but it may have to wait until April..
  8. I think I ended up with about 6" in Henniker. It may have been 8" at one point but then at about noontime yesterday it seems the temps went above freezing and it all compacted. Talking rain Friday here... looks like another year of no local riding is possible. Fuckin' bullshit.
  9. Do you know why Crocs have all those holes in them? To let your dignity out.
  10. You are so right, they always set up on the longest straight ever to maximize the manhours to revenue ratio! Should be in the corners looking for unsafe riders but whatever.
  11. I just finished my 3rd weekend on my Oxygen, I am really amazed by this helmet. It's light and very sealed, warm and quiet. I was worried about the heat but I really don't notice it to be honest. To be fair I have yet to use it on a warm day, but to 25F it is great. I breathe super heavy, so if I have one knock it's exactly what you would expect with this helmet, it doesn't exhaust moisture well, but that is obviously part of it's design. One thing that amazes me, as I have had this feature on helmets for years but it's USELESS is the flip down glasses. They are always clear of moisture and ev
  12. People complain all the time about the speed limit in NH. They will give you until about 60 before yanking you. I lead a group of young guns this weekend around Pittsburg, told them if they want to go faster just pass me and wait at the next intersection but I am going no faster than 60. Thing is, I go 60 on the straights AND the corners. Starting the day they were all passing me on the straights WFO, no one got tickets, but after mid day and 120 miles they are DEAD and I'm waiting for them at every intersection! I actually had to slow my pace! I'm 50 years old and these kids are all late 20's
  13. Here is my '19 900 Enduro Turbo. Hurricane 195 with Dalton weights.
  14. I think it's bad every year at the beginning of the season, but my home riding area is Pittsburg NH and yes, a lot of landowners here are closing access. It seems that many of the locals got fed up with the huge increase in wheelers and SxS this summer and it's going to hurt the snowmobile season. It used to be that the winters were crazy in Pittsburg but the summers weren't that busy, now it's many times more busy all year. The locals never really get any quiet time. I have buddies that have had trail access for years and now have to trailer down the street.
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