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  1. He should look for a 550 LXT or a 550 Skandic.
  2. JT is only getting started. The man is total poison. But he learned from the best...his Daddy (whichever one you want to believe is his Daddy).
  3. Right from our yard, we live on a lakeshore. Takes 1/2 mile to get into the fields and from there about a mile into the bush trails. Tons of ways to connect with the club trails once we're in the bush. Can also head north across the lake (4 miles) and from there into the bushland and tons of play area. Lakes, trails, pipelines, the terrain is endless. Only time we need to trailer locally is if we go to the local rally which is a major ditch-bang (15 miles) to the staging/registration site.
  4. 2 Polaris trail sleds. 600 Rush (hers) and 800 SB ProR (mine)
  5. Chris, as I stated yesterday in the "banned" thread, I dealt with these doorknobs until I personally couldn't take it anymore. The original VS staff in Toronto (with whom I met personally) were great. But they have been pushed out, bullied, or eventually did what I did...quit. But I gave the new order a huge chunk of my mind before leaving. These are non-enthusiasts, do NOT ride sleds, motorcycles and likely ride the bus to get around as it's as mindless as they are. No clue as to the real world which we as sledders (or whatever passion we choose to pursue) live for. It's a dying site like all
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