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  1. Another low compression Polaris 800 selling for peanuts.
  2. We haven't got shit. One or two storms, and thats it. (Upstate NY). Binghamton got rattled though! The industry of sledding is missing out, lots of bored folks, a few good storms would really help. This is why I have two beater sleds, and got rid of my newer iron and 7X16 enclosed, just didn't ride enough.
  3. Fastest on a sled? About 112ish. (CFR 1000) Fastest in a car? About 160MPH (2003 Cobra)
  4. I second the Yamaha post. I think they really tried with the Nytro, and when people shit on it, they said 'fuck it then'. Sad part is, the 09+ Nytro XTX is a decent sled, but the short tracks are too stubby, and the longtrack versions too heavy. The tipped rail 144 XTX was perfect and quite honestly, I would buy another if I could steal one, they are way quicker then people give them credit for, with a 130HP N/A 4 stroke.
  5. Okay, So I really don't 'hate' Polaris. I own a Sportsman 400, my brother has a 500 Indy and 700 Ranger, and our family has had a few Indy's in the mid 90's, along with many Polaris jetskies. And honestly, whiIe I have my likes/dislikes, gotta say, for 2020 and above, Polaris is doing well. But I still don't trust their engines, so they would be my last pick of all 4 brands. But, if I had to pick a Polaris, it would be the always classy, black and red 2021 XCR 850 with the 129. So, be honest, if you had a choose a sled of the brand you liked the least, what what it be? My bud
  6. Your not going to believe this, but Polaris did something they never do! They admitted the messup and basically re-did the motor for 2020! Holy SHIT BALLS
  7. I have to agree a little with Stang, but what he is suggesting will be hard to police. It's not a problem for a 'Polaris guy' to go into a Cat forum and offer advice, (or vice versa) or help out, Many of us have owned all brands throughout the years, or close to it. But there is an issue with certain posters helping with intentional disdain or intent to brand bash with manipulative language, or offering subtle jabs to a brand with camouflaged language, and only those of us they spend lots of time on these forums can pickup on it. HCS was full of that shit, and it pissed me off. I
  8. I'm like Zambroski, anything is a dildo if you want it to be.
  9. If you drive a doo, your a fag. I drive a Cat and a Doo, so i'm a passionate fag.
  10. You can ride from anywhere as long as you know 'the call'.
  11. It's always good to have another here who has sexual relations with their snowmobile. Does Ski-Doo make a custom lube dyed yellow or do you just use Gun Oil?
  12. I can ride from home, we just don't get the local snow like we used to.
  13. When I look at my 2000 MXZ I see my childhood, even though my first sled was a late 80s Yamaha Excel III. For me Vintage is late 80s and earlier, but im a younger guy at 37 years old.
  14. I'd like to see a 03 and before sub-fourm, an 03-11 Firecat/TwinSpar Forum, and 2012 - present forum.
  15. At HCS I've been banned by both Tommcat and Jerry 976 and I am proud of it. The first was complete horseshit, and the 2nd was somewhat merited, but I can be a mother fucking pain in the ass, so maybe I deserved it. In hindsight though, I'd rather be banned by them then some pussy ass Admin diaper filler.
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