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  1. There is no such thing as a 'vaccine'. We have an experimental treatment, and the only thing its doing is delaying this from being over. Herd immunity is the only way this goes away. I have not and most likely will not get the shot.
  2. We are living in the most embarrassing Presidential Tenure I have ever been alive to witness. The generation of the brat continues.
  3. People can say what they want about McGregor, the guy was poor AF and came from nothing. He's made more $$$ then most popular UFC fighters and I enjoy watching him fight. Yeah he can be a jackass but with 100 million earned I would be a jackass too.
  4. Your a fucking retard, and I mean that. Obviously Trump was right about everything and he can't control what a MOB does. The BLM riots where WAY FRICKING worse then the ONE Capitol Hill Riot, did you forget what happened on Capitol Hill on May 31st 2020? Where's the accountability there? Yeah, so stick it up your ass. The left wing has a much lower set of standards, integrity and moral compass and thats been made very clear in the past 6-7 months. What a bunch of brats we got now. Woke liberal cunts and brats everywhere, bitching and complaining. None of them moving to Cuba, Cana
  5. For my opening week NFL gathering on Sunday the 12th, I got a: black angus surloin tip ill be custom marinating, seasoned pork shoulder, rack of kansas city dry rubbed ribs, few marinated steaks, some cheddar brats and some other little goodies, next Sunday ill be grilling/smokin' meat!! 🥩🍖 @Badger** Where you at my dude?
  6. To the OP, nice wheels. I won't brand bash, but no Dodge, Chrysler Jeep for many folks I know up here in the North Country, just too many issues, lower resale, quicker to rust, and still iffy on the reliability. I have a 2020 Silverado LT Crew 2500HD with the new 6.6L and I love it.
  7. It's just more of the same. They are shutting down for a few weeks until they get some supples/chips/inventory in, this is happening pretty much everywhere. I tell my the folks on my Polaris RZR group, easy on those parts if driving hard, might be awhile before you get replacements.
  8. Next weekend I am doing a opening Football weekend party in my garage with about 10-15 people. Doing a few steaks, few racks of ribs and probably smoking a big sirloin tip. Is Badger still hanging around here?
  9. Technology isn't for everyone. iPhones are great for people who just want to put their brain on standby.
  10. iPhone's are trash. Get a Galaxy.
  11. Lots of bitching and complaining, no substance. Risking thier lives doing entry level work at Amazon? Those are brats. Mono your just another bitch ass whiner.
  12. Yeah I do. Kids are unskilled spring chickens, everyone needs to start somewhere. This is a generation of brats who want something for nothing. You get paid based on the skill and value of your job. Entry level jobs give entry level pay. Work hard, move up, get more pay. Your just a bitch ass complainer yourself, only losers unhappy with their success or place in life don't like Capitalism. There's a device called a mirror, and it tells you exactly who's responsible for your success. The opportunities are there for everyone if you work hard and move up, but not for complain
  13. At first I thought, even with all these mistakes, he won't be impeached as the Country is super corrupt and left wing trashed out my social media. But I gotta say, if he actually makes it 4 years, I will, literally, shit right in Tommcat's litter box.
  14. There is some unfairness here and there, and some people should get paid a little more, however, its a pretty good system. I always ask the complainers 'Whats your highest paying skill'? If your a custodian, its not going to be much. The problem is that kids don't want to work anymore, or know what a days work is. They want handout's because we got a generation of spoiled brats.
  15. I've seen this for over a year, parts/supplies on back order or delayed, everything from car parts, powersport parts to various other things.
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