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  1. Moto still ruining the memes thread with his bitch ass communist loser bullshit no one cares about? Talk about insecure. Your basically putting up a huge red flag with all of your crap saying "i know im insecure and full of shit". Be nice if we could get back to funny memes and not your bitch ass liberal whimpering.
  2. Good to see you dude, hope your Christmas and New Year was great. I got this badass new smoker, and one of these days I'll share a pic! Love a good dry rub
  3. You have a generation of spoiled liberal brats who don't want to put in the work because they are used to having things handed to them. Instant this, instant that. No ones forcing them into college, there's lots of routes to success. You can spout your economy nonsense all you want. Telling everyone they are victims and oppressed is nonsense, get off your ass and get to work. Want more then entry level pay? Earn a higher paying skill then an entry level skill. Not going to matter though, with all this inflation, 15$ ain't worth shit. This has been the worst year of any Presidenc
  4. Silicon Valley, as we all know, is infested with liberal woke brats. Nothing surprises me anymore.
  5. Pretty close....in stock form. Dealer prepped it did better but, that's always iffy. Obviously the 998 can handle 280-340HP tunes pretty easily so its still king by far when dialed up, but not bad for the Mach Z. Hearing there isn't much room after 220HP on those though. Anyways nice to see some upper end competition, the 998 has had that on lockdown since its release. And still does, but Doo putting in a solid effort here. Close, but no cigar.
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