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  1. Yes please, and thank you No gold was when you tried to throw it in my face and after ranting for a few posts I had to explain it to you like a child!!! That was fucking gold!!! Rigid failed with his gotcha moment too The Champ 🏆
  2. Woolie's cheerleaders are in FULL DEFENSE mode now. How fucking pathetic is that So no bet and no deals eh girls??? bash free CE is right at your finger tips girls!!!!!!!
  3. Grifting old ladies out of their money is a job that requires intelligence and integrity and honour,,,, or some bullshit like that. He posted his occupation as if it's 1 step from godliness
  4. There really isn't that much known about it to discuss at this point. It's nothing more than a picture and a story and by the time it sees dealers showroom floors will be old tech. The blew it totally by trying to mask the lack of a real powerplant with a new whiz bang chassis. Both other companies have more powerful, tech advanced 2 stroke engines out today. Epic flop, status quo is a major fail. One up is the only way to survive in this industry
  5. Fuck, ya think I should delete my post??
  6. Who am I protecting and how am I doing so? Not sure what you're talking about, are you?
  7. After all your bitching and crying about members trolling and starting shit in the CE and lo and behold here you are jumping in the HCS mosh pit to throw some cheap shots in. Just wow, your hypocrisy has no bounds. Practice what you preach Jimmy Osteen. This is not "trying to get along"
  8. BLT's with some fries in the air fryer.
  9. Well at least think about it. I mean you're trying to be a moderator here just think what you could do with rules?
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