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  1. They used to leave ALL forest fires alone in Quetico Park 30+ years ago and just let nature take it's course and you're correct. The forest thrives. Now they fight the bigger ones and just let smaller ones burn because the tree huggers don't like "how it looks". SMFH.
  2. Well if they were even in the mud that settles everything
  3. Most innocent men run to the Middle east to start a campaign to save obscure religions there Lap it up.
  4. Why does the alt right worship sexual predators ???? @Jimmy Snacks you were a big defender of Ballard in the first thread, is he still a hero in your mind? Trumps buddy, birds of a feather
  5. Doesn't surprise me in the least.In fact I expected something along these lines. He's a piece of shit, thought it was obvious before. OK "Sound Of Freedom" fans on here, circle the wagons, your hero is in trouble. Let's hear the defense of this true American hero. Holy shit some of you guys look stupid now
  6. Cat's last 800 couldn't give the competition fits, never mind a 600
  7. If Polaris and SD 600's had 800 class hp and torque do you think the 600 catalyst could compete in any form of sled racing? Vintage class?
  8. Maybe the 800 Cats I don't know if you've ever watched a friendly drag race but there isn't a stock 600 sled out now that will give an 800 sled with 25+ hp more any fits at all 0-80.Same goes for every straight stretch and the extra torque just pulls out of the corners WAYYYYYYYYY harder. That old song has been over sung
  9. Well that didn't last long.
  10. What are you trying to say here,,,,,,,,,so those promises weren't real Fucking typical
  11. 82mph @ 8050 rpm let's hope it's still accelerating and not stabilized
  12. Just say the word and the bash free CE is all yours I'd pay good money to see you moderate Woolie when he's the first to break the rules. That would be epic.
  13. Shop Rate: $120/hr Shop Rate if you want to tell us what the internet said is the issue ,tell us how it wasn't your fault and your life sledding history,number of sleds owned, racing cred and experiences: $350/hr
  14. Yup I agree 100%. But some things I've seen from the other guy, what's his name, isn't very impressive either. Neither are anywhere close to Presidential material and definitely not good representatives for the USA on the world stage by any stretch of the imagination. Neither of them having control of your nukes gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.
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