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  1. Why do humans keep having to create these theories to prove the existence of their god? Why can't he just do something to prove to us he's real in the last 2023 years instead of letting millions die in his name? Shouldn't it be simple for a supposed "god" if he was real?
  2. Fine tuning argument fallacy Proponents of the concept claim that 'the physical parameters of the universe are delicately balanced – 'fine-tuned' – so that any infinitesimal changes would make life as we know it impossible'. Supporters of fine-tuning thus conclude that our universe is so finely tuned that a God must have created it.
  3. The argument from fine tuning is supposed to establish the existence of God from the fact that the evolution of carbon-based life requires the laws of physics and the boundary conditions of the universe to be more or less as they are. We demonstrate that this argument fails. The fine-tuning argument falls short because it assumes that our current cosmological theory is correct, as long as we invoke a non-scientific principle, God.
  4. Most gullible portion of the population.
  5. So do you believe that Jesus was actually the son of god? Do you think the bible to be accurate?
  6. X2 terrible to lose a breed like that or any for that matter.
  7. So we hijack the thread then!!!
  8. He's in a care home guaranteed.
  9. Fresh homemade spring rolls with fish dipping sauce and some leftover pasta salad.
  10. Until you start answering members questions with an on topic response you deserve exactly what you give, nothing.
  11. Catholic school system, and yes I questioned this stuff from a very early age. WTF are you talking about now, can you and AC ever stay on topic???????
  12. Do you ever answer a question and stay on topic??
  13. losing site of the topic at hand I see.
  14. Sometimes a virgin at 14 without consent from the rapist in the sky!!!
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