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  1. HSR

    Meme thread

    Would sound like a swarm of mosquitoes attacking
  2. Scroll wheel broken? What's your thoughts on the thread?
  3. Nobody, and I wonder why? It seems to be a badge of honor around here since Z to repeatedly post chops of the same member over and over and get a standing applause form the same guys every single time like it was the first. The most childish shit I've ever seen embraced on here. Sure it may be funny once or possibly twice but after a hundred times it's uber fucking lame. Yet still the cheers come. So when it goes the other way I wasn't surprised that it would come to a head sooner or later. Here we are. Nice work guys.SMFH.
  4. I agree. Being the lone vote against it just paints a bigger target on the USA for terrorists. It's not a good look on the world stage either. They are showing obvious support for one side and that may not end well. Repercussions could occur on home soil for you guys now.
  5. Yup even after you asked for pictures and when I shared them you then called me Yellowteeth and I didn't reciprocate and make comments on your pics Teamwork Glad you noticed!!!
  6. The US, a permanent member of the UN Security Council, is the sole nation to have voted against the ceasefire.
  7. As 550 would say, the self ownage in here is to the Maximum Max
  8. Yup for them "I got up this morning and instantly went on FS to do a word search" isn't triggered at all. That is some funny shit right there and nobody thinks anything of it. Now if someone else posted that the gif's and emoji's would be flying!!! I love it!!!!!
  9. It's like a pack of angry Karens in here All the girls "liking" each others posts,,,soooooo cute
  10. Well it really depend on who you are and a number of factors. Do you support Trump? Do you swear to back up your "team" in every thread? Do you promise to share the teams selective outrage? If you follow the narrative and are accepted by the clique it's allowed For the rest of the common folks,,,,,, it's no longer allowed. I just found out too
  11. Don't waste your time. He already stooped to personal insults with me when I haven't said a word to him in a long time. Not worth it He says one thing and does the other and can't see it.
  12. I'm not your mother dude, you can do what you want, I just shared my opinion, sorry it cut you so deep, I was just going for a flesh wound. Please don't cry.
  13. Barred Owls are really night time surveillance for the Uniparty.
  14. Says the guy saving pics and making chops. You got the last line right anyway. You acknowledge him every time you respond, don't you realize that Damn you're having a bad day. Try again tomorrow, things may be better
  15. Just remember, now , if I ever decide to sail those waters again I'm perfectly fine to do so. You sail them waters again and your kicking stones That's the facts bud
  16. And how is another member supposed to know that? What if they cross you, then what? You're the only guy trying to take Zambroski's spot as the Snowrider chop man. Who else has chopped a members pic besides you? Saving members pics is lame dude.
  17. Like personal info not shared? Just stop dude. You already sailed in that ship Yes that would be not respecting boundaries
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