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  1. For 21k I'd better be getting Taylor in her backstage that night too!
  2. Yup look at the size of the vatican and not a single one of them held a job their entire lives,, just grifted money from uneducated simpletons to build their empire.
  3. Yup when in reality man created god. Totally a human construct, that's not even debatable.
  4. By talking about yourself instead of staying on topic? That's kinda your MO on here isn't it?
  5. Almost feel sorry for his plight, almost.
  6. Please explain to the class how your theory "proves" the existence of your god?
  7. Who wrote it your god? It's a theory, not a fact by any standards of science. Are you really this dumb?
  8. How does it "prove" anything? It's another man made theory in an attempt to support their man made construct of a god.
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