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  1. I love how you guys have every excuse in the book for your behaviour but when others show the exact same behaviour you guys cry foul and explain why "it's different". Funny as fuck
  2. Not sure what the question was but I think I found the answer.
  3. C'mon man, I already have a big enough target on my back. These guys make Swifties look like casual fans.
  4. The most coolest admin on FS evah , just ask around
  5. You bring up an excellent point though. Meme's are serious business around here Look at how upset these guys are
  6. Good one Sick burn, just come up with that yourself?
  7. Well then quit acting like I grounded you for a week and cancelled your birthday party. I didn't know my opinion meant that much to you , I'm flattered
  8. It's a discussion regarding the posting of members pics but hey, if you want to drama queen it up, fly at it dude May as well be consistent right?
  9. Again I never said it was about you, just what happened on the site. Do you guys take every comment I make on here as a personal shot or something? Jeez Louise you guys are sensitive.
  10. I wasn't talking just about you or I would have quoted or tagged you You're just the latest guy to pick up the ball and run with it. It's not always about you Things actually happened here before you showed up!!
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