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  1. Yup saw them girls on tv last week,, all just beauties!!
  2. Reading some of the posts in here I just said to myself!
  3. fucking awesome, that show rocks!!!! Man your getting the jesus haters all happy now
  4. Oh yeah here's proof, why else would they need this sign??? STALEMATE!!! Your point is now mute!!!
  5. I replaced the foam on my Bose 901's years back. Worked great.
  6. I knew what you were doing sure set some skirts on fire He's likely next door, he'll be back.
  7. Yeah like nobody had used that phrase on FS before. What a drama queen.
  8. While I'm sure the show would suck, the scenery would be epic. Solution= ear buds with the complete AC/DC collection playing
  9. Priests/Pastors/Reverends/Preachers are the worlds OG groomers. They are really good at teaching kids fantastical stories of amazing miracles by the son of god on earth to rope them in.Could you imagine if a person of low/extremely low IQ was to be raised by one they wouldn't have a chance at any original thought. Sad really, almost like the trans shit going on, actually very similar. GROOMING!!!!!!!!!!
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