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  1. K, but I sure make you angry so again,,,winning
  2. Did you self appoint yourself site moderator or something????
  3. It would take me 5 seconds to do, but the longer it stays, the longer you look like a woman protesting for her man's honour. I guess we'll wait
  4. So I guess you must DESPISE creepy old men that walk into a girl's change room unannounced full of half dressed underage girls. Me too !!!! Fuck Trump amirite????
  5. We get it, you prefer boys. Now for the last time, it's a no to the Boys of Instagram thread
  6. Oh hi Ben!! Are you done queefing about me next door now?
  7. Also let me know when he starts running around the site telling people you're a pedo posting pics of underage girls in the Instagram thread. That kind of attracts my attention
  8. Go in the HCS forum, click on ANY thread started by AK440 and then just scroll through the pages upon pages of AK440 and 1 guy going back and forth, thread after thread, page after page. Then get back to me
  9. How is a QB considered a leader when all he does is take orders from the fat coach on the sidelines??? Do they even invent the plays,,, no. They don't even have to think, just follow the play or lay down Leader
  10. Jimmy, Doug and Bontz in unison The dream team
  11. You tell us Hey, don't just stand there, my mop pail isn't going to empty itself!!! And make sure the garbage cans are emptied before noon.
  12. Awww such a cute couple. Love the Mohawk Chrissy!!!
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