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  1. Either do you or the scientists who created the theory. We don't know so it must be a god is not proof of anything except for man's desperation for answers right now. There is a reason it's been around for a long time yet not accepted widely. It provide's a concept nothing more and utilizes man's imagination and desperation of some for a god.
  2. That's about as dumb of an answer as I've heard yet. So you can't explain it YET so there must be god. Sounds like the OG bible authors right there. So you got nothing as usual.
  3. Then explain the part that shows PROOF of god in your own words, otherwise STFU.
  4. Proponents of the concept claim that 'the physical parameters of the universe are delicately balanced – 'fine-tuned' – so that any infinitesimal changes would make life as we know it impossible'. Supporters of fine-tuning thus conclude that our universe is so finely tuned that a God must have created it. More man made theories or CONCEPT that result in a "IT MUST BE A GOD" as a result. Been debunked by many. FAIL
  5. If everything is part of an all knowing "god's plan" why do Christians protest so much?? Funny how when good things happen it's "thank god" but when bad stuff happens crickets? Ponderous
  6. Here comes AC with vax status.
  7. Dude SSFB schooled you so bad I can't believe you still bring it up?? You looked foolish then and even worse every time you mention it.
  8. At least they didn't get their dads lips!!!! Imagine looking up at them having an orgasm and seeing this!!!
  9. You do know the internet can be used for more than just bloviating about yourself on 2 sites? The internet is a big world with lots of stuff that's easy to find. Another failed attempt at humour that only you found funny. Weirdo.
  10. Badger laughs if it's a shot at me so he has that going for him. Other than that it's usually just him. I just cringe every time.
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