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  1. It's like dealing with a Transgender movement on FS.

    "We've changed and you must accept us for who we are and make changes to our liking.

    We can insult you but you can't insult us.

    If you wrong one of us we'll come at you en masse in full attack mode 

    You can't hit back because we identify as women when it comes to aggression"

    Great work girls, gives me more incentive. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, Skidooski said:

    Ok then talk about it every single day from now on then. I figured you might stop whining by now but I was wrong. Maybe it's time to put you on ignore....I'll finally take your advice  :lol: 

    Much appreciated :bc: Let me know when it malfunctions:thumbsup:

  3. 1 hour ago, Skidooski said:

    Rehash, reiterate, reword this 523 more times and nothing will change. Just move on already and learn from it

    Funny how quick you're trying to right this off. If SR did the same thing we all know the forum reaction would be totally different, that's what's so funny.

    Please tell me what I should have learned? That a certain member can cross the line and get a pass because he’s on your side? :roflcrying:

  4. 12 hours ago, Rigid1 said:

    What are you talking about, DH works for big pharma, FDA, or something along those lines,  he posted it on here..


    What are you talking about?

    11 hours ago, Deephaven said:

    Lol.  As.i stated, I do not work for or with the FDA, I don't work in big pharma and nothing even along those lines.  I didn't then either.  Interesting obsession you have with my livelihood.

    We both know that but I guess we are wrong again:dunno:

    12 hours ago, snoughnut said:

    Some people are smart enough to keep their private/personal lives off the internet……….you are not one of the smart ones. :lmao:

    Can you tell DriftBusta this, he and his crew of cheerleaders have a hard time understanding it :bc:

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  5. Just now, Steve753 said:

    It's not like anyone is using full names of a member/ members on the site anyway. 

    Oh wait, the guy they're defending used someone's full name.


    I wish everyone would leave wives out of it,,, oh wait the only one doing that admittedly is the guy they're defending.

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  6. 3 minutes ago, Steve753 said:

    The way Dementiabusta behaves here I wouldn't let him count the money in my change cup. :thumbsup:

    He shared it on the site , it's not a site issue, it's a member issue. The sooner these guys see that the sooner this bs crying stops.

    Nobody asked why his 2nd marriage ended but he feels the need to share. 

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  7. 16 minutes ago, Rigid1 said:

    Well I look at it like this,  running around saying a member on here is fleecing people's money and that member manages my family's money (and has done very well for us) is me sticking up for myself and someone who's quality of work I could appreciate because I see it personally..If someone said Jim was a shit painter and he painted my house and did a great job, I would mostly definitely defend his work..Just like if someone busts my balls about cutting grass, I'd hope the people that see what I do would stick up for me..



    So stop being fucking childish fucking cunts..:thumbsup:

    So Tony do you honestly think Woolie asked me this ever so politely so he could compliment Deephaven on his career?

    This was just before Woolie got banned for insulting DH's wife. Blinders there too eh?


    On 7/19/2023 at 2:58 PM, DriftBusta said:

    Hey, forgive me for asking, because I truly do not know. Is Deephaven some kind of a chef? He seems to take his culinary exploits pretty seriously.  I mean no disrespect, and the only reason I asked in the first place was when my own credibility was ridiculed in a conversation about finance or the markets.  I was just curious about what made him an expert. You or he do not have to answer obviously, but he said many people know what he does. That does not include me.  :bc: 



    30 minutes ago, Rigid1 said:

    I don't recall saying that

    I didn't say you did, I asked you a question but you avoided answering instead.

  8. 2 hours ago, Rigid1 said:

    I take offense when I see them say you fleece old ladies, you've managed my accounts for half a decade and have definitely done right in my opinion..

    So in all your years on FS you've never seen Woolie insult a members job,career, social status? Ever? Not even once? So I'm really on a disability pension and a lifelong cokehead? Being a painter is a honorable profession and Woolie has always said so?

    Dear God man, give it a rest already. The no bashing zone is upstairs. Use it.

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  9. 1 hour ago, krom said:

    1.  Yes you have.

    2. Post a quote or link of me saying where you work.

    Would you mind not mentioning where he works? It's up to you, just may settle things down. Your call.

    Not saying you did either.

  10. 1 minute ago, ZR6000RR said:

    Maybe you need to do the same with internet jESUS.

    Let me know if anyone shares any of your info that you didn't share and you'll get the same service.

    Otherwise we don't moderate threads unless the guidelines aren't followed.

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  11. 2 hours ago, ZR6000RR said:

    I have called you krom, Janitor, Custodian of the year, kROMMER and mop bucket. I take all those back. You are now going to be known as internet jESUS. Why you might ask. Well the real Jesus, if he existed, turned water into wine, judged know one and was kind to all. You are an ass hole, take your own made up rumors, put them in Quotes and expect everyone to believe they are now facts. Saying I was hired because of a relative is not a fact, it is your rumor. I was hired because I met the qualifications for the job. You have this special 4 year degree,  Good bye internet jESUS. You blew every wild tail  right out of the water this time. Fucking loser!

    Please don't share a member's personal details unless it was shared by the member. I removed the portion of you post that was against site guidelines. 

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