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  1. What are you talking about? We both know that bit I guess we are wrong again Can you tell DriftBusta this, he and his crew of cheerleaders have a hard time understanding it
  2. I wish everyone would leave wives out of it,,, oh wait the only one doing that admittedly is the guy they're defending.
  3. He shared it on the site , it's not a site issue, it's a member issue. The sooner these guys see that the sooner this bs crying stops. Nobody asked why his 2nd marriage ended but he feels the need to share.
  4. So Tony do you honestly think Woolie asked me this ever so politely so he could compliment Deephaven on his career? This was just before Woolie got banned for insulting DH's wife. Blinders there too eh?
  5. So in all your years on FS you've never seen Woolie insult a members job,career, social status? Ever? Not even once? So I'm really on a disability pension and a lifelong cokehead? Being a painter is a honorable profession and Woolie has always said so? Dear God man, give it a rest already. The no bashing zone is upstairs. Use it.
  6. Would you mind not mentioning where he works? It's up to you, just may settle things down. Your call. Not saying you did either.
  7. Permission for what? If you shared it it's fair game. Now if it wasn't shared it's not fair game.
  8. Let me know if anyone shares any of your info that you didn't share and you'll get the same service. Otherwise we don't moderate threads unless the guidelines aren't followed.
  9. Please don't share a member's personal details unless it was shared by the member. I removed the portion of you post that was against site guidelines.
  10. Here Jim, I'll get your thread back on topic and step out and you guys can keep it going without me. See how that works out for ya
  11. Hey I made the choice to try and get along with a few members.What's wrong with that? Some of you guys should try it some time.
  12. Minnie would make a great first lady
  13. It works GREAT too!!! You guys can find my posts in seconds when I wear that Some guys even start threads just to get a whiff . How else do you think I keep 4-5 guys on my tail at all times
  14. Made a stew with some left over chuck roast.
  15. I'm holding out for The Tiger King 2:Baskins Revenge. Rumour has it Carole's husband returns and is actually Honey Boo Boo's father. God bless America
  16. Classic Frankie weak was always a favorite word for you.
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