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  1. HSR

    Meme thread

    Can you see this one
  2. HSR

    Meme thread

    There is some chicks I went to HS with that are way hotter after becoming moms than they were in HS, or we just didn't see it. Agreed on thr Asians though
  3. You know you're winning when the other team keeps claiming victory, it's Trump 101 The more you say it the harder I laugh
  4. Rumor has it, it was flying some rich Russians on a secret fishing trip and got hit by a flying projectile!!!!! Guy named Justin was going to be the guide True story, heard it the local coffee shop
  5. Only better, I get you detentions Poor Dictim
  6. HSR

    Meme thread

    Ever see a chick you had a crush on years ago and thought " wow dodged a bullet there "
  7. Ever see a guy that quits drinking, tells everyone how much better he feels about it and then goes back to the bar where he used to drink and have fun and sling shit with the boys only to tell them to settle down, stop it, let's all be friends, be more like me? You and Jimmy are "that guy". Born again and ready to preach
  8. Wife got a couple on a walk behind the house so grouse fingers with Furious Garlic parm dip and some fries. Best wild game meat IMHO Wife had left over ham, not as big a fan of eating them as me.
  9. HSR

    Meme thread

    That's happened to you too eh?
  10. It didn't seem to bother you when Z and his crew,including you, aired out another members family business and Facebook page so spare me the bullshit Tony. It's getting fucking old.
  11. Do you give them cool names and take them riding with you? Your stories are starting to make more sense now
  12. He meant "fight" as a peaceful and loving embrace of goodwill. People like you just twist his words to mean whatever suits your latest narrative
  13. He brags about his career, that's his choice. And I'm just a retired Jiffy Lube worker so it doesn't bother him. Get your own material. Although copying mine shows how much you like it so
  14. If he wants the forum to know he'll tell us. Nice again as per usual.
  15. Who fucking cares someone writing his life story or something. WTF is with you guys.
  16. Everyone follows everyone around here FFS give it a rest. It's a small forum with only a few active members, don't consider yourself a celeb for it. What a fucking lame response used WAY too often, mostly by pussies here. DERP you responded to my post on a discussion forum, derp your following me derp.
  17. Kinda creepy, he sounds like a hoodrat repeating it all the time
  18. What's with the obsession with what he does for a living? You doing something illegal? Green card expired ?
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