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  1. So are you up for a "Throw momma from the train" scenario??????
  2. You're my fucking hero bro!!!!!!!!11111!!!! Like the modern day Fonz
  3. HSR

    Meme thread

    Debbie Downer is back
  4. It's soooo much better at HCS that you found the time to come over and let us know that this site sucks. Still butthurt I see
  5. You going to start your own business???
  6. Sheesh you sure ruffled some feathers with this. I always thought Alfred E. Neuman was a reputable source,,,
  7. He disappears for spells,,,then comes back guns blazing.
  8. 800hp Escalade!! Seriously 😳 holy shit that’s awesome !! What’s done to it?
  9. Holy shit dude,,,long time since I've seen you on a sled forum!!!!! I'm sure @Tommcat will be happy to see ya
  10. I'm like Johnny Fever on alcohol,,,,finely tuned
  11. Was a normal conversation until you rolled up. Grow up a bit.
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