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  1. HSR

    Turbo tards

    Benny's sleds(or anything for that matter) should be,,,now I better not say his name a third time or he will appear
  2. HSR

    Turbo tards

    Well you could invite Benny,,,he'd be good for at least 3 pages of "stupid fucking hcs faggot moron" posts
  3. HSR

    Turbo tards

    @Highmark has one I think,,,there is another one but I don't think he would be relevant in the type of discussions you're interested in
  4. You talking to my wife????? It was at LEAST 3-4 minutes !!!!
  5. Welcome to Freedomsledder!!!!!
  6. Should be nice I've heard good reports. Did you price out poo gripper ski's?? Or did @SayatodaU.P.eh? get you the "pals" discount
  7. HSR

    Fishing gear

    Any shimano or Pflueger combo in that price range will be good for the average fisherman. 6 foot medium action should be good.
  8. Just approved his account!!!!11111!!!!11111!!!!11
  9. Sent him a FB message,,,if I don't hear anything I'll shoot him a text. EDIT: just got a thumbs up
  10. Yes same puller. I don't have a part number
  11. ^^^^^^^^^ @ACE ^^^^^^^^^
  12. Shit you just have to hit the edge of our trails and we hear about it
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