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  1. Please put all sled talk in the GSF as per the request by the OP. Don't you guys listen? Things were so much friendlier on FS 1
  2. I would just stop, you'll NEVER win this one bud
  3. Nice pity party. Winners don't start threads like this, just losers. We should vote but the election would be rigged It's 2020 all over again !!!!! Great thread OP
  4. So I take it you won't be working in your 60's then Its all part of the plan.
  5. You got Soros FU money though so there's that. Not all of us are so lucky. Colt45 and Malboros was my thing before my disability.
  6. I have a rosin press for making concentrate. 28g weed = around 3-4 grams rosin. My BIL likes 65% thc oil and says my rosin is far stronger.
  7. Are they in "lady driven,nonsmoker,never trailered ,stored indoors" condition ?
  8. Do you see the difference a comma can make
  9. Right on , I just looked at it as another chapter in life, let's see where it goes. Elderly family is keeping us close for now but that was planned for. Retiring young allows me the time to do that and not worry as I have lots of time after they are taken care of. On the above,, staying in shape has NEVER been an issue for the wife and I. It's a lifestyle thing, just naturally active.
  10. I get the feeling she's been ridden 2-up before. I'd spit roast her !!!!!!!!!!
  11. Taco night
  12. I've seen too many friends not make it to retirement or not live long into retirement. You're health will never get better,only worse. You can't fight father time. You only get one crack at retiring, you don't want to be like my buddy Phil and regret not doing it sooner. You can always go back to work if you don't like it,if you keep waiting you can't get younger if you find you really enjoy it. A very wise man told me that once.
  13. As long as you can convince yourself that don't worry what we really think It'll help lower the stroke factor.
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