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  1. I had my ducts cleaned by an east Indian guy from the GTA (I'm in Sudbury) this summer, did a great job. He opened up the furnace to clean the heat exchanger and fan. Did my A.C. coil as well. Very profesional. BTW the only way one of these guys can rest tag your furnace is if the have a G1 license. On the tag it must list what is wrong, their name and License number. Most of them can't speak enough English to pass the exam.
  2. Good way to start the school year. The report says elementary school, up to grade 6 or 8??
  3. Key river fire is now 19 square kms. Evacuation orders issued for key and French river boat access properties. I saw the smoke from this fire on Wednesday coming home from Britt.
  4. Been smoking hot here as well. lots of fires all around
  5. Can you be charged with impaired on a bicycle?
  6. soupkid

    Friday Harbour

    Pitty the poor bsstard that tries to cut it for firewood.
  7. Have they come up with a charge for lack of common sense
  8. The fuckers keep calling me.
  9. C trail Between Chateau Guy and Garson is CLOSED !!
  10. Generally hold the person and contact the agency that has the warrant. Depending on severity the agency will or won't come pick the person up. I believe it requires 2 officers so it costs big bucks for say simple weed possession.
  11. i have a bit of a problem with my summer toys right now, got one to many. I have a 2000 V Star 1100 which I love riding but not so comfortable for the wife and want to start doing some touring with her. so I picked up a 2005 Goldwing for us to tour on. now should I keep the V Star ??
  12. Yes been ok. Still healing up, getting a little riding in. I was riding with zrsledhead Monday but had to bail due to the death of my dad.
  13. You can park at the STP yard first as long as you want.
  14. The dealers are force to take what the manufacturer tells them they are taking
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